Whatever happened to age of empires: world domination?

In the past year, many readers of Windows Central have sầu commented in our news stories and on our forums about the status of Age of Empires: World Domination. This thiết bị di động strategy game is based on Microsoft"s classic PC historical-themed real-time strategy series. The truth is that the development of this game has been cloaked in secrecy for the past year, và despite numerous attempts by us khổng lồ get information about it from both Microsoft and its developer KLab, we are no closer lớn a definitive sầu answer as khổng lồ what"s going on with AOEWD than we were a year ago.

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The Beginning


The public story of AOEWD begins over two years ago, in June 2013. A press release from Japan-based KLab announced an agreement with Microsoft "khổng lồ develop a sản phẩm điện thoại game version of Microsoft Studio"s Age of Empires franchise." Here are the main details:

"Under the terms of the agreement, KLab will develop a di động game based on one of Microsoft Studio"s flagship franchises, Age of Empires. The game will initially be developed in English for iOS và Android và will be launched globally. Localization for other languages is also planned. KLab & Microsoft Studgame ios will also collaborate lớn bring the game lớn the Windows phone platform."

"KLab plans to lớn work with the Microsoft Studio"s team to provide its know-how và experience in social Mobile gaming with a common goal khổng lồ extend và bring the Age of Empires excitement in new ways lớn the new and existing fans."

All of this sounded very promising. Less than a year later, in April 2014, KLab revealed the title and the first details of the game itself, complete with screenshots, a trailer và a "summer 2014" release date. The game"s official trang web, Facebook & Twitter pages all went live as well.

However, based on the introduction đoạn Clip and the information from the game"s trang web, the gameplay details for AOEWD were a bit vague. We bởi know that players would have picked from one of several different civilizations to build their structures và army. However, the videos don"t make it clear if its actual gameplay was a simple Clash of Clans style of playing or if AOEWD was going to be more of a full RTS game experience.

In June, KLab released yet another gameplay trailer from AOEWD. Both videos had the label "trò chơi is still in development", but many fans remarked that the graphics shown in both trailers were perhaps a little too simplistic.

However, it appeared that on the surface, everything was moving full steam ahead towards a summer launch of the game. Both the AOEWD Twitter và Facebook pages were updating on a regular basis. We even received a direct tin nhắn from the online community head at KLab in June, to lớn make sure we were aware of the game và its upcoming launch.

The delays

On August 6, năm trước, the official AOEWD website posted up a news update on the status of the game:

"To all our fans eagerly anticipating the release of Age of Empires: World Domination - in the past months, our development team has been working hard on the game as well as releasing snippets of the game to lớn you all. We have also been listening khổng lồ what you, the gamers, have to lớn say. To reflect those changes, we will, unfortunately, be pushing back the release of the game to lớn fall năm trước. We believe that the extra development time will give us the opportunity lớn create a first-rate di động game experience that players will love. Thank you for your patience, & we will make a further announcement when an official release date has been decided."

The game"s official Facebook & Twitter pages kept updating with new information about AOEWD for a couple of weeks in August, but then they went silent. Both those social truyền thông pages have sầu not been updated since August 16, năm trước.


On August 25, Microsoft made a surprise announcement: a second Age of Empires game made for di động devices was in the works and would be out in just a few weeks. Developed by Smoking Gun Interactive, Age of Empires: Castle Siege was clearly inspired by the gameplay strategy model used by the popular Clash of Clans series. The game was released in September for Windows Phone 8.1 & Windows 8.1 & has been updated with new nội dung several times since then. In July 2015, Microsoft expanded the reach of the game to iOS devices as well.

The long silence

On November 7, three months after KLab revealed a delay in AOEWD"s release from summer lớn fall năm trước, its official trang web got another news update:

"From day one, our mission for Age of Empires: World Domination has been khổng lồ create a fresh and innovative điện thoại game. While we have sầu come a long way in our development with this ambitious Mobile game, we came khổng lồ the conclusion that an earlier release would sacrifice chất lượng. A năm ngoái release will allow us lớn give sầu you a robust Age of Empires thiết bị di động experience for fans both old and new lớn the franchise. We are extremely grateful for all your feedbaông xã we"ve received so far, & look forward to lớn hearing more as we continue to lớn nội dung exciting development updates with you. Thank you for your continued tư vấn & stay tuned!"

That was the last public status report from KLab concerning the game"s status. Over nine months later, the official AOEWD trang web has remained silent. Windows Central has made numerous attempts through different avenues to lớn liên hệ KLab"s for updates on AOEWD, but so far the company has not responded lớn any of our inquiries.

Microsoft has also not given Windows Central any official information about the status of AOEWD. As with KLab, we have attempted numerous times to lớn tương tác Microsoft"s lăng xê reps to lớn see if they have any word on the game"s progress. Unfortunately, those reps have either not offered us a phản hồi or referred us to lớn KLab. Most recently, our team member Jez Corden contacted Microsoft"s Xbox head Phil Spencer about the status of the game via Twitter, but his response was similar to what we have heard before.

"Nothing on this right now, sorry."

Hopefully, this article will inspire either KLab or Microsoft to lớn offer us some official statement on the game.

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The future of Age of Empires

Even though the future for AOEWD looks bleak at the moment, Microsoft seemed khổng lồ be committed to lớn its Age of Empires franchise. The company has already announced plans lớn bring Age of Empires: Castle Siege to lớn Windows 10 later this month. We would assume this would be a version that would work both on Windows 10 laptops and tablets as well as smaller smartphones with Windows 10 mobile.

In April 2013, Microsoft released Age of Empires II HD for the PC. It was a graphical remastering of the original 1999 RTS game that was first developed by the now defunct Ensemble Studquả táo. Age of Empires II HD was a major hit when it was released via Valve"s Steam service. In November 2013, Microsoft did something very unexpected: it released a new expansion for Age of Empires II HD. Titled The Forgotten, it added several new civilizations và campaigns, along with other features like direct Twitch.tv support & the ability khổng lồ add new content via Steam Worksiêu thị.


That effort, created by the Forgotten Empires team, was also highly successful, và now that same team is working on a second expansion for Age of Empires II HD. In June, the title of the expansion was revealed: The African Kingdoms.

Currently, it"s expected to be released on Steam sometime in the fall of năm ngoái.


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