Autodesk autocad architecture 2016 x86 x64

Opportunities AutoCAD ArchitectureThe new interface AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD version forarchitects, characterized by an optimal organization, the greaterarea of ​​the graphics area, as well as faster access lớn the toolsvà commands. Users get easy access lớn familiar tools that can moreefficiently find the seldom-used commands, as well as easierosvaivaivat new features. Improved interface is used in manyproducts Autodesk, allowing you khổng lồ spend a minimum time fortraining during the transition khổng lồ new applications.

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For a more rapid formation of documentation and annotation programoffers a comprehensive sầu library of detail components và powerfultools to lớn work with key notes. With their help accelerate thecreation of such kiến thiết elements as labels, legends, and link. Thelegend is placed on the drawing just a few clicks.

Styles specifications easily adapt khổng lồ the standards of enterprises.You can also create new styles of specifications that will containthe necessary data. These specifications are dynamically connectedwith the objects of the drawings và updated when any structuralelement.

In AutoCAD Architecture for the walls & all their components areused AEC-dimensions. When applying the dimensions are taken intoaccount a variety of options for bindings: the axial lines of thewalls, their outer surfaces, etc. When changes in the project donot need to lớn manually update the associative dimensions, becauseThey are converted automatically.

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With built-in visualization tools can be prepared for a spectacularpresentation of the customer at any stage – even when the projectis not completed. Visualization capabilities are fully integratedinkhổng lồ AutoCAD Architecture. The program allows you to lớn quicklytransfer projects khổng lồ Đánh Giá and approval by publishing formats andDWF ™ DWFx.

Specialized capabilities AutoCAD Architecture provides a flexibleand effective sầu planning & implementation of the reconstructionproject. New specialized tools allow you to quickly and effectivelyto lớn create 2D-và 3D-reconstruction plans, correctly reflecting theexisting, new and destined for demolition objects.

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Thanks to lớn features such as the creation of grids, the rapidconstruction of columns & binding doors & windows to lớn the wallvà the focal points of the axes can greatly improveefficiency.

Installer Size: 2370 + 2790 MB

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