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It is the time of year for sunshine, long lunches, & a good holiday break. But even if you plan on turning your phone off for a device-miễn phí Bank Holiday trip, you may still be interested khổng lồ know there are several apps that will help to lớn preserve your battery life. After all, you are going khổng lồ need your phone for taking holiday pics, getting directions và (of course)… using the trusty weather app! Here BTA’s IT experts give you the low down on the top 4 battery saving apps for smartphones.

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Phường.S. In case you were wondering on how your smartphone’s battery stacks up against the others, have sầu a look at the chart here. You may be surprised. The Lenovo P2 has the longest battery life with a whopping 28.5 hours. The Sony Xperia XA has the least with 7.12 hours. And the iPhone 6s plus has almost 3.5 hours more battery capađô thị than the iPhone 6s.

Battery Doctor

The most popular battery saving app available is theBattery Doctor.The manufacturersclayên ổn that the

ứng dụng can double your battery life. We aren’t sure that it will go that far, but we certainly noticed a difference. The big benefit to Battery Doctor is that it is available for both iOS and Android, whereas the other apps are only available for Android.

Features of Battery Doctor includebattery monitoring, power management tips, a three-stage charging system that regulates electric flow và anoptimiser that dims the screen and shuts down background apps and unused functions.

Price: Free

Available foriOSandAndroid

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saveris marketed as giving Android phones up khổng lồ 50% more battery life và as having more than 400 million users. We can’t confirm that, but we can report that it has a 4.5 star rating in the Google App Store, from more than 13 million people. The không lấy phí version reduces the device"s temperature,managesapps và phone hardware,stops power-consuming notifications & automatically solves battery problems.

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The PRO edition adds auto-clear for background apps, and when screenlochồng is activated, lower CPU frequency, automatic network disable & scheduled mode changes.

Price: Available in a Free version và £1.86 PRO edition

Available forAndroid only

Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saverspeeds up devices & claims to improve battery life between recharges by 20% by optimisingsettings and disabling unused apps.

It estimates how long your battery will last and notifies you of energy-driving apps & options for stopping them. You can also create customisedprofiles lớn tailor phone settings to your specific needs.


Available forAndroid

Go Battery Saver và Power nguồn Widget

GO Battery Saveris a customisable ứng dụng with a decent range of features.Like the Avast phầm mềm, it estimates the remaining battery time và explains different ways you can extkết thúc it. It doesn’t however promise to lớn extend your phone’s battery by a certain amount.

You can traông chồng & optimise the power consumption of individual apps, change the charge settings to extover battery life, & choose from different prephối battery modes or create one.


Available forAndroid

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