Bosch gsb 1080

Additional data
Battery voltage 10.8 V
Torque (soft/hard/max.) 11/28/- Nm
No-load speed (1st gear / 2nd gear) 0 – 430 / 0 – 1,600 rpm
Torque settings 15
Drilling diameter
Max. drilling diameter in wood trăng tròn mm
Max. drilling diameter in steel 6 mm
Screw diameter
Max. screw diameter 7 mm

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Give your performance a boost. Worth the upgrade.

Affordable price with great value mix Bosch uncompromising quality: best in class battery system (ECP), long lifetime 10.8V 2-tốc độ Drill Driver with powerful performance (soft torque 11Nm) khổng lồ cover major applications


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