Cách Tải Getting Over It

NameGetting Over It
PublisherNoodlecake Studquả táo Inc
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The ultimate feeling of inhibition và then bursting with happiness after completing the challenge. That’s what I mean about Getting Over It. Why vị you say that? It is because this game has caused a global phenomenon around the time of 2017. Just one man sitting in a cauldron has created an unbelievable attraction for many gamers who love sầu challenges. This is definitely the strongest indie and patience game ever. It’s understandable how it takes players from hope khổng lồ despair so quickly.

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1 Download Getting Over It – Climb to lớn the ends of the universe.

I will go over it lớn make it easier for you to understand. Getting Over It is a simulation game created by Bennett Foddy. Why mention this person? Not really because he’s the one who created this game. It is he who will accompany you throughout the game. With tasks to lớn complete in front of you. Along with the classic sayings that have sầu made the br& of this game. Surely you will not keep your patience & calm while playing it.


Download Getting Over It – Climb to the ends of the universe.

Simply a naked man, sitting in a cauldron. With an ax in hand without any instructions. You will have sầu lớn figure out everything yourself, who you are, why you are here, and what your purpose is. All the questions pop up in the player’s head. Until use his finger to move the hammer. cảm biến the ground & start moving. The hammer will lift your entire body và the cauldron into lớn the air. Ignore all laws of physics that exist on this earth. But it’s just a game, & it’s okay. Let’s keep moving.

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Along the way, you learn how to play. There will be a voiceover from the start of the game. That is the voice of Bennett Foddy, the developer of this game. He will greet you in a friendly manner và chat with you. You will continue khổng lồ move the cauldron with the man through various obstacles. From a tree with many branches sticking out lớn a cliff, narrow crevices, and dozens of other roadblocks. This promises to be a very long và arduous journey.


Crossing the layers of the atmosphere

With the thiết kế of the game getting higher và higher. Plus, changing terrain và different obstacles. You will feel quite surprised that they are very difficult khổng lồ use well. Sometimes slipping and falling will be a very familiar thing. But there is only one problem, that is if it falls. You will almost fall continuously, even falling khổng lồ the first point you started. At this point, your inhibitions will definitely peak. You can even swear & thua thảm your temper. But calm down and patiently make your way through the various levels of this game.


The puzzling companion

Remember Bennett Foddy? That’s right, who will chat with you during that game. This seems to lớn be the intention of the developer. When letting the creator himself have sầu a real conversation with the player. Of course, you won’t be able lớn respond to hyên. Bennett will watch you throughout your level in Getting Over It. Sometimes he will give you some important hints for climbing through a difficult position. Sometimes they talk about philosophical topics, human life views, và the world. And when you fail many times or accidentally fall. He will comfort you enthusiastically. But those sayings mostly make the player even more inhibited.


Going lớn the top of the universe

Once passed, the final challenges of the game. Get cthua lớn the night sky, và just one more jump, and you’ll be in space. Bennett Foddy will pay tribute lớn you. You will fly inlớn space with stars shining everywhere. It is a testament to lớn perseverance and trying to overcome all challenges. Be willing to spend a lot of time moving towards the final destination. The credits line appears, and the developer will thank you for sticking with the game for a certain amount of time. This is definitely the happiest moment for every game thủ.


Along with a smart way to build the game. Just simple operations và interface. Getting Over It has shown us the attraction that comes from completing challenges. The feeling of failure is very unpleasant. But not so that we give sầu up lớn succeed lớn the top position. Very interesting & creative, tải về Getting Over It gian lận to climb the mountain specially.