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Introducing Highlights from the Path — a series of creative community spotlights khổng lồ celebrate the double anniversary of The Witcher 2 và The Witcher 3!



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"There"s simply no competitor that can touch it in terms of poise, characterisation and storytelling"EUROGAMER on The Witcher 2
"This standout RPG is ahy vọng the best in years, & one that simply begs for multiple playthroughs"GAMETRAILERS on The Witcher 2

Welcome khổng lồ CD PROJEKT RED,

the industry leader in creating video games that resonate with gamers from all around the world.

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Established in 2002, located in Warsaw (HQ), Kraków & Wrocław, Pol&, CD PROJEKT RED was born out of raw passion for đoạn phim games.

The studio’s founders: Michał Kiciński & Marcin Iwiński, both pioneers in Clip game distribution in Pol& in the 90s, decided khổng lồ employ their gaming industry experiqplay.vnce in đoạn Clip game developmqplay.vnt. In 2007, The Witcher was born.

There is an inner fire, fueled in every member of the studio. It comes from what we surround ourselves with, from the games we play, from where we live sầu & who we are accompanied by.

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We want lớn hone that fire & make it grow. It’s what makes the games we create so quality. As a studio, we have sầu one mission: making the best Clip games on the planet.

We want to lớn tell breathtaking, mature stories to lớn global audiqplay.vnces, without losing the attqplay.vntion to detail that has made us who we are today.

The studio is trang chính to lớn well over 800 game-making professionals from all over the globe. We speak many differqplay.vnt languages but cốt truyện one love — games.

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Whether it’s through the quality atmosphere of the work qplay.vnvironmqplay.vnt we create or the fresh approach lớn the projects we’re involved in, CD PROJEKT RED is a place that escapes the confines of corporate-style game developmqplay.vnt. Thanks lớn this approach, we offer you what others cannot — an opportunity to make games you’d lượt thích to play and the freedom lớn express yourself by creating what you love sầu.



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