Review: Should You Purchase And Use Clean My Mac 3

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Have sầu you ever heard about Clean My Mac 3? Should you buy it and use to clean up your Mac?

Well, you will find out soon enough after reading this Clean My Mac 3 review – from me.

The story is I’m using a MacBook Pro 15-inch Mid 2010 & still don’t have any plans to lớn tăng cấp to a higher model.

Last month, when I turn my Mac on, there was a warning appeared on my screen. It said: Your startup disk is full, & suggested me to lớn delete some files khổng lồ make more space available on the disk. At that moment, I ignored the warning & keep using my Mac as I often bởi vì.

However, it seems my Mac ran slower than before. There was a bit of delay when I open a new application. It was not open immediately as it often. Instead, when I cliông xã on an tiện ích khổng lồ use, it only opens after five sầu seconds.

I thought this delay might be related to lớn the previous warning that told me my startup disk was full. I did some searches on Google & asked a few experts about this issue. The answers I got from both places confirmed what I thought. Therefore, if I want my Mac bachồng to normal, I have sầu lớn remove sầu some files and make more storage space on my startup disk.

What Is Clean My Mac 3?

Alize, one of my friends, told me if I want lớn fix this issue, as well as clean up my disk, I have lớn download & install Clean My Mac 3. Then use this cleanup app to vì so.

She said it is a good and must-have tiện ích for Mac OS, which helps me to lớn clean up my Mac from temporary files, duplicate files, or large files that taken a lot of storage spaces – as well as maintain the best performance for Mac computer.

I don’t know whether she exaggerates, but there is nothing to thua trận by trying the ứng dụng.

I have sầu downloaded Clean My Mac 3 & installed it on my Mac khổng lồ try. It didn’t ask me lớn buy a license in order lớn use. However, it seems without a premium license you only can remove up to lớn 500MB of files.

Download It Now

I ran a chạy thử. The phầm mềm found around 3GB of temporary files that I could remove lớn gain more storage space on my startup disk. It also showed around 50GB of large files, which I could remove sầu or move to an external hard drive khổng lồ have sầu more storage space.

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How Much Does Clean My Mac 3 Cost?

Because I was using a miễn phí version of Clean My Mac 3, I only could remove 500MB of junk files, in the total of 3GB. In order to delete the rest, I need lớn purchase a premium license code, which costs $39.95.


If you have sầu friends, who also use Mac, convince them to lớn buy Clean My Mac 3 with you & nội dung the total of money. By that, the price for each Mac computer will be lower.

Currently, a single license of Clean My Mac 3 is selling for $39.95. But if you buy a license for two Macs, it costs $59.95. That means you only need khổng lồ spkết thúc $29.97 for each Mac computer. It will also be cheaper if you purchase a license for five Macs. When dividing, each Mac will only need $17.99 lớn use Clean My Mac 3.

Download It Now

So, it would be more affordable for using this helpful tiện ích with group-buy.


If you have used any apps from MacPaw before, just enter your gmail to lớn confirm that you are an existing customer, you will have sầu a better price.

That’s the reason I ask my friend, Alize – to lớn order one more premium license of Clean My Mac 3 for me. So I only need to pay $27.97 – after discounting.


Overall, Clean My Mac 3 is a good Mac app that helped me khổng lồ clean up junk files, as well as analyze my Mac khổng lồ find large files khổng lồ delete.

Its user interface is very easy lớn use. You only need to download, install & then hit the Scan button.

It will automatically scan system junk files, pholớn junk files, email attachments, iTunes junk files, Trash Bins, as well as large & old files.


Once the scan process completes, you can view the total of storage space you can have after cleaning up.