Dfx 12

DFX 12.010 Final Release is a useful tool to improve the sound quality of your computer in few-clicks. It essentially improves and boosts the unique of all sounds coming from your computer. Improves the unique of sound from all truyền thông media players tư vấn 3 chiều Surround, subwoofer và other multitruyền thông programs for watching movies or listening to music. Improve sầu audio unique for Youtube, Facebook Vimeo, Yahoo Video, etc.

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DFX Audio Enhancer 12 Key Features:

DFX 12 Crachồng Download offers access khổng lồ the built-in Spectrum Analyzer, using which we will empower our extracted sound from your computer. But this has been equipped with additional tools to ensure deeper và richer bassy (booming HyperBass), stereo (Stereo Ambience) & delete the sound muted (High Fidelity Restoration).


DFX Audio Enhancer 12 Serial License Key is a free & essential tool for every user, reproduction films & other sounds on your computer. The program improves the chất lượng of sound from various multitruyền thông media programs, as well as with the players appearing on the most popular websites (YouTube, Vimeo, last.fm, Amazon.com, Facebook).

If you want lớn play movies or music in the highest HD quality, just run the program and press the “Power” button, which activates and will improve sầu the quality of the sounds extracted from players or Web portals. Using this software will increase the sound cấp độ, we will empower our bass and eliminate so-called “quiet” sounds that some degree of harm to the chất lượng of the audio.

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DFX Audio Enhancer 12 Installation Instructions:

mở cửa <dfx12Setup.exe> and install the software.
Do not open the program. Cthua kém it completely.
Copy “DFX-12-Patch.exe” to installation directory & double click on the patch file và bởi vì the patch.

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That’s all. Enjoy DFX Audio Enhancer 12 Full Version Download.

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