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Expvà the playing experience of possibly the most iconic RPG of all time with the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion pachồng, delivered by Blizzard Entertainment & Activision. Two new classes are introduced into lớn the game – The Druid, a magical maps with the ability khổng lồ change shapes và sumtháng animals lớn his aid, và the Assassin, a cold-hearted killer taking his opponents down from cchiến bại range. On top of that, new chiến dịch missions are included, as are new monsters, maps, và items! Buy Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction key and enjoy some fresh nội dung in the remarkable Diablo 2!

Another journey awaits you

After the player successfully ventures into lớn Hell and defeats Diablo in Act IV, upon returning khổng lồ the Pandemonium Fortress they are met by the Archangel Tyrael with an urgent summon. It appears that although Diablo & Mephisto lớn, the two great evils, were defeated, their brother Baal is out to cause mortal danger lớn everything around us. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction key takes players bachồng to lớn the astonishing, dark world of Diablo 2 where a new kind of evil emerges. Embark on another journey, become the anh hùng the world of Diablo needs, & finally, defeat Baal in the final clash lớn emerge triumphant!

Additional gameplay features

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction Battle.net key delivers more nội dung, and analogically, more gameplay features to lớn enrich your Diablo experience tenfold! It’s no mere DLC, this extension is a true adventure for the brave & determined at heart, so hesitate no more and be on your way khổng lồ defeat Baal!

Two fresh new classes. The Assassin & Druid join the game, and they vị it with a blast. The Assassin is the master of martial arts & specializes in active traps, & as anticipated, demonstrates prominence in stealth and killing with no remorse or hesitation. The Druid specializes in nature-based magic and shapeshifting - combined together these abilities unlock unlimited potential và pose serious threat lớn the enemies;• Baal và his army of evil. Although you have put an end to Diablo’s tyrannic reign, his brother Baal rises in his stead as the new, và the ultimate threat. Baal has fled khổng lồ the Northern lands khổng lồ gain powers và you must pursue him khổng lồ stop hlặng before he becomes too powerful! Until then, you must face dangers và trials on you way before you face the final boss;• Expanded assortment of items. The DLC brings a wider inventory of Magical, Exceptional, Unique và many more items to lớn help you in your quest;• Cheaper Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction price.