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The Project Professional 2010 Software from Microsoft is designed khổng lồ help you keep traông xã of the tasks necessary to complete projects. It can be used for any type of project, from IT to lớn construction and anywhere in between. You"ll be able to lớn use it lớn mix and traông chồng milestones, assign tasks to lớn team members, & much more!

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Project Professional 2010 Software from Microsoft is designed to help you keep traông xã of the tasks necessary to lớn complete projects. It can be used for any type of project, from IT lớn construction và anywhere in between. You'll be able lớn use it to lớn phối và track milestones, assign tasks lớn team members, and much more! Project Professional includes a number of features not found in the Standard Edition. These include a Team Planner và Task Inspector which help team members better collaborate. It also lets you track inactive tasks and task status updates, and can connect with the optional Project Server 2010 software. The application is compatible with Windows operating systems.","note":null},"features":"featureGroups":<"title":"New in 2010","features":<"title":"Microsoft Fluent User Interface","description":"Work more efficiently with the simple & intuitive sầu Microsoft Fluent user interface -- new graphical menus and a familiar experience provide the tools you need to lớn plan and manage your project Task-oriented tabs và contextual menu groupings reveal powerful features, making it easier to lớn get started và realize results Learn about features & rich formatting controls quickly with descriptive sầu tooltips and drop-down galleries Simply be more productive sầu by choosing your own thực đơn options, quiông xã access toolbar settings & setting defaults Save sầu lớn XPS or PDF. Quickly tóm tắt, print, and publish project information from one location using the new Microsoft Office Backstage view","note":null,"title":"Excel-Like Flexibility & Ease","description":"Enhanced copy and paste makes it easy lớn nội dung information effectively with other Microsoft Office applications while retaining formatting Add columns dynamically by entering data without having khổng lồ first select the data type Simplify data entry with auto-complete which displays a các mục of previously used values lớn select from Automatic text wrap eliminates extra formatting steps by adjusting row height to lớn display full task names Quickly mine data and analyze results with easy access filtering for all columns Create emphasis with rich color options and text formatting lớn express ideas and solve problems in new ways","note":null,"title":"User-Controlled Scheduling","description":"Gain flexibility with user-controlled scheduling-manually schedule tasks with the information you have right now or choose to automatically schedule tasks with calculated dates và durations Be alerted lớn potential scheduling concerns with squiggly lines & choose how khổng lồ manage potential problems Gain insight with the Task Inspector khổng lồ recognize issues & take action early-solving problems before they occur Support rolling wave planning and easily create high level forecasts using manually scheduled top down summary tasks Identify gaps by comparing manually scheduled summary tasks with information rolled up from subtasks In Microsoft Project Professional 2010, you can simplify planning with inactive và active sầu tasks lớn perkhung what-if analysis","note":null,"title":"Timeline View","description":"Simply create the ultimate graphical timeline to express your schedule và plan It's easier khổng lồ see và share-drill into details and visually recognize differences with a clear view of tasks, milestones, & phases Reach your audience with new impact by quickly copying the timeline into lớn an e-mail, presentation, or any other document with formatting retained","note":null,"title":"Team Planner","description":"Visualize the right phối of resources và assignments with a simple and intuitive resource view Simply drag-and-drop lớn effectively plan tasks and optimize resources for your entire team và project Quickly identify unassigned or unscheduled tasks to lớn proactively solve sầu problems Simply hover over tasks to instantly view task-level details khổng lồ plan with ease Be visually alerted to potential problems, choose to lớn manually màn chơi resources as you work Automatically màn chơi over allocated resources on a task-by-task basis using Task Inspector lớn instantly resolve problems","note":null,"title":"Connected Teams","description":"Enhance team collaboration by sharing information more efficiently-simply save sầu, print or publish in one easy-to-manage Microsoft Office Backstage view Convert Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 task lists to realize project schedules Publish your project plans to lớn SharePoint Foundation 2010 task lists so team members can update task status-automatically synchronize to lớn receive sầu updates directly into lớn your project plans Save sầu, cốt truyện & manage-simply be more connected in the ways you expect with Project Professional 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010 Connect Project Professional 2010 with Microsoft Project Server 2010 and gain control across all types of work, improve sầu project selection và strategic alignment, maximize resource utilization & visualize performance through powerful dashboards","note":null>,"title":"Top Benefits","features":<"title":"Familiar và Intuitive","description":"The Ribbon makes finding and using your favorite tools simpler with new graphical menus and a familiar experience to help you easily create and manage projects. Tooltips and contextual guidance provide information và shortcuts so you can accomplish more in less time. In the new Microsoft Office Backstage view, simply save, nội dung, print, or publish your projects from one location","note":null,"title":"Save sầu Time và Effort","description":"Save sầu time & effort with familiar & essential functions like text wrapping, filtering, auto-complete, scroll và zoom, and more. Insert new columns on the fly-data types are readily identified so that you can quickly và effectively organize và analyze details. Quickly nội dung schedule details through enhanced copy-and-paste, & retain key formatting between Project 2010 và other Microsoft Office applications","note":null,"title":"Flexible & Powerful","description":"User-controlled scheduling puts you in control & brings together the flexibility & ease of use of a tool lượt thích Microsoft Excel 2010 & the power of the Project 2010 scheduling engine. Create project schedules at the cấp độ of detail that's right for your project. Work with summary data initially or shift lớn a more detailed approach when it's convenient. Place notes as reminders of where additional schedule information is needed, or simply add information as it becomes available","note":null,"title":"Easier to See & Share","description":"With a completely new & visually enhanced timeline view, you'll have a clearer view of tasks, milestones, và phases. Newly expanded color palettes & text effects help you make every timeline và plan look their best-và help you to lớn swiftly see & giới thiệu important dates & deliverables","note":null,"title":"At-a-Glance","description":"See the right set of people & resources: simply drag tasks khổng lồ effectively plan work for your entire team and project. The new Team Planner view in Project Professional 2010 shows resources và work over time, to help you spot problems & resolve issues. New in Project 2010, the Task Inspector offers additional analysis và intuitive sầu guidance khổng lồ resolve scheduling conflicts derived from a task's attributes and assigned resources, which you can choose lớn act upon or not","note":null,"title":"Control & Deliver","description":"Quickly compare budget versus actual versus forecasted values khổng lồ measure an initiative's progress with the flexibility of setting multiple baselines. Create high-level time-phased budgets with user-defined categories for costs & labor. Validate budgets against bottom-up estimates built by using labor, material, and cost resources. Control project costs by comparing budgets khổng lồ completed tasks và forecasted totals. Use built-in earned-value metrics for predictive sầu analysis và integrated performance management","note":null,"title":"Evaluate Possibilities","description":"Often you'll need to lớn evaluate scenarquả táo and consider options when planning new projects or monitoring ongoing work. Using inactive tasks, new in Project Professional 2010, you can easily experiment with your project plan and perform what-if analysis. A simple toggle removes or inserts one or more tasks, along with their effect on the project schedule. Project 2010 also offers more built-in tools to help tư vấn what-if analysis và scenario comparison, including multiple-màn chơi unvì and change highlighting","note":null,"title":"Collaborate with Others","description":"Connect your teams by synchronizing with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. Using Project Professional 2010, you can synchronize SharePoint Foundation 2010 & Project Professional 2010 project task status updates for you và your team members. You can also save sầu your project files lớn SharePoint Foundation 2010 team sites khổng lồ communicate plans and collaborate on progress","note":null,"title":"Grow Capabilities","description":"Realize the power of unified project và portfolio management by combining Project Professional 2010 with Microsoft Project Server 2010. Together, Project Professional 2010 and Project Server 2010 create the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution, & deliver end-to-over capabilities lớn help organizations prioritize investments & optimize resources, gain control of all types of work, and visualize performance by using powerful dashboards","note":null,"title":"Enhance Performance","description":"Use the 64-bit options of Project 2010 to lớn enhance performance và support very large projects and programs. Project Standard 2010 & Project Professional 2010 are offered in 32-bit và 64-bit options to tư vấn a diverse range of project types và sizes. 64-bit options take advantage of the expanded memory & optimized capabilities of the lachạy thử processors & of the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. 64-bit Project Professional 2010 also offers enhanced performance và handles extremely large project files with ease when connected khổng lồ Project Server 2010","note":null>>,"note":null}>},"specifications":"note":null,"items":<"shortDescription":"Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Software (32/64-bit)","upc":null,"item":"itemKey":"skuNo":1085365,"itemSource":"REG","core":"shortDescription":"Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Software (32/64-bit)","itemCode":"MIPRJCTPRO10","manufacturerCatalogNumber":"H30-03318","multiPackCount":1,"multiPackText":"Pieces","isDownload":false,"isBHKit":false,"isJKit":false,"isGiftCard":false,"isMfrBundle":false,"hasEssentialKits":false,"isUsed":false,"detailsUrl":"/c/product/1085365-REG/microsoft_h30_03318_project_professional_2010.html","bitlyUrl":null,"brandSeriesModel":"Microsoft Project Professional 2010 ","groups":<"name":null,"specs":<"name":"System Requirements","value":"Computer: 700MHz Operating System: Windows XP.. SP3 (32-bit), Vista SP1, 7; Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32/64-bit), Server 2003 R2 with XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.0 Memory: 512MB Hard Drive: 1.5GB Display: 1024 x 768 Hardware: DVD-ROM drive for installation Required drive sầu number & types will depover on the application components và languages you install","note":null>>,"note":null>,"bundleInfo":null,"flags":"showPhoneCompatibility":false,"showQuickCompare":false,"showRobotsMetaTag":false,"showCallbackLink":false,"disableReviews":false,"disableWriteAReview":false,"reviewsStats":"reviewCount":null,"reviewRating":null,"promotions":"rewards":null,"badge":null,"storeInfo":"onStoreDisplay":"NO","availableForStorePurchase":false,"storePickupMessageType":"NOT_AVAILABLE","storePickupLongMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","shouldShowStoreInfo":false,"shouldShowStoreAddress":false,"itemsInKitOnStoreDisplay":<>,"promoteStorePickup":false,"showNjfScheduleChange":true,"shippingInfo":"catalog":"shippingDiscount":null,"cutoffs":"cutoff":1628550000875,"shipTime":null,"shipTimeMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","shipTimeLongMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","shippingMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","promotionalShippingMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","shippingLongMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","promotionalShippingLongMessageType":"NO_MESSAGE","featuredInfo":null,"compatibleModels":<>,"notesInfo":"restrictiveNotes":<>,"generalNotes":<>,"shouldShowOpenMarket":false,"shouldShowStudentNote":false,"itemManufacturedIn":<>,"shippingRestrictionNote":null,"exportMessageNotes":<"Sales & export of this cống phẩm to China, Hong Kong, Russia, & Venezuela are prohibited.">,"conditionFlags":"isBHExclusive":false,"isEDUSpecial":false,"isNewRelease":false,"isNewArrival":false,"isUsed":false,"isRefurbished":false,"isOpenBox":false,"checkRedirectToSimilar":true,"privateLabelCreditCardBanner":<>,"financing":null,"firmwareUpdates":<>,"soundTracks":<>,"warrantyCoverages":"warrantyMessages":<>,"manufacturerWarranty":"hasCoverage":false,"protectionWarranties":"summary":null,"warrantyPlans":<>}}},"CmsStore":"cms":"status":2,"data":"notes":<>,"banners":<"type":"HTML","rule":"STANDARD","slot":"HERO","trackingDescription":"BTS 8523 Limited Time Offer Special Financing Detail","body":" ","style":null,"linkUrl":"/l/special-financing?sitecode=bhbcvb5d1","openLinkInSlideInTray":true>,"wishAndWin":null,"holiday":"promoPagePrefix":"/c/buy/rebates-promotions/N/4019732813/ci/22144","departmentClosed":null,"extendedReturns":null,"activeConfig":"app":"WEB_DESKTOP","page":"PRODUCT_DETAIL","products":<"skuNo":1085365,"itemSource":"REG">,"CompanyStore":"company":"status":2,"data":"isStoreOpenNow":false,"storeSchedule":"openingTime":1628517600000,"closingTime":1628550000000,"storePickupSchedule":"availableNow":false,"today":"openingTime":1628517600000,"closingTime":1628553600000,"nextAvailable":"openingTime":1628604000000,"closingTime":1628640000000,"storePickupTime":30,"nextWebsiteClosing":"closingTime":1628898353000,"reopeningTime":1628990132000,"LanguageStore":"language":"locale":"en"}">