Windows XP.. Official 32-Bit và 64-Bit full version ISO disc images now available with direct tải về Links.

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This OS version was released baông chồng in 2001 and changed the way the world looked at computers. It was the successor khổng lồ Windows 2000 & Windows Me, already going down memory lane? Me too! The system was highly acclaimed and got a lot of praise due khổng lồ its fine-tuned UI, better-developed hardware tư vấn & best performance. Product activation system that came along it was not very well-received. This was initially known as Neptune during development in 1999.

As it came out it got successful both in the industry and with customers. It improved the features of the previous systems. This page provides you with safe methods khổng lồ get a Windows XPhường SP3 ISO Free Download in Full Version, which is for 32-bit và 64-bit disc images that are official và untouched. This is lớn give you peace of mind that this OS is safe for installation.

People enjoyed the games on it. Many people still download it OS for some good old memories. It came with good stability and performance. Users were comfortable with improvised hardware tư vấn. Both user-friendliness và beautifully designed UI made people buy it. It safeguarded users from unsafe attachments during tải về. It was for all from casual computer users lớn software enthusiasts.

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5 Windows XP SP3 Official ISO Image Full Version Free Download in 32-Bit/64-Bit

What features does Windows XPhường have?


Normally it carries a Graphics Design Interface, which is an Application Programming Interface used to lớn skết thúc graphical objects towards output devices. In this version it got replaced with a new one that was khổng lồ be coded using C++.

This was called GDI+, with these images looked clearer plus the visual enhancements were also attributed khổng lồ effects và implementations like

Clear Type: to improve sầu the text on display screens.Gradient Shading: to increase the depth of website pages & the usability of buttons.Drop Shadows: this carries a drawing element that resembles an object’s shadow. This has been used for windows, menus, và even text labels for icons.Altrộn Composting: in this, an image is combined with the background to lớn produce full or partial transparency. This is used lớn combine different separate images inkhổng lồ a final composite image.

The start menu changed to lớn the two-column layout which displayed frequently và recently used apps. More than one user can use this as different sessions can be allocated khổng lồ various users và switching can take place when required. Though, only single-use can use the complete console at once.

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Why use Windows XP – Features that matter

NAT APIs: This provided confidentiality, authentithành phố, & integrity by allowing traffic in the network to reach the destination when the public address was not available.ICT (Firewall): This provided firewall protection for incoming data packets, the same was not provided khổng lồ outgoing packets.Background Intelligent Transfer Service: This helped the system during downloads or uploads between remote VPS và system. Through prioritization và throttling, it was carried out effectively.Tunnelling with IPV6: This provided an IPV6 connection lớn systems with an IPV4 connection. Other benefits lượt thích larger address space, a simplified header, auto-configuration, quicker routing, and anycast tư vấn.Remote Assistance RDP: This allowed the user to lớn control their system over the internet và solve problems that arise without touching it directly.TAPI: This allowed apps khổng lồ manage và handle calls between the system & the telephone network. Basic functions included dialing, answering, và hanging up calls.QoS: This one had benefits lượt thích shaping network traffic, setting traffic across the network, and managing network congestion.RDS: With this user can take over a virtual machine over a proper network connection. This was the Microsoft implementation of the thin-client architecture.

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Navigation is much better: Users can now navigate through an interface more effectively. Following are some of the features:Newly designed Start-up menu: Dual column helped users to navigate where they needed khổng lồ go on the screen.Notifications are bigger: Any notifications that users vì not want to lớn see would be hidden away.Initiative sầu taskbar: Carries a better design, icons were grouped into a way so that they are clicked upon easily.

Further changes detected:

Faster App Start-up

It was introduced to lớn improve sầu startup và apps launch time. Process of caching underlaid its working. If any specific software required a specific set of files then they would be cached by it inkhổng lồ RAM. This leads khổng lồ less khổng lồ search for frequently used files, leading lớn an increase in running speed.

This was implemented so any media on the system could not replicate. This was known as Product Activation. User is provided with a unique ID used lớn activate the windows system which if not done within 30 days on the system then OS shall not work. Activate windows in cases where major changes to lớn hardware were detected; this ensured it worked effectively without any defects.

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How lớn Install Windows XP Service Pachồng 3 (SP3) ISO Image – Virtualbox or VMware


Go lớn the required page and cliông chồng on the download button. Wait till the executable tệp tin is downloaded. It shall not be installed immediately after.Clichồng right on this, clichồng on the option “7-Zip”, & select option Open Archive ”followed by“ cab.Once done, 3 files shall be shown. Another 3 shall be found upon clicking on the file “sources”. On selecting the xpm file, XP mode virtual hard drive sầu thư mục shall open.Extract files by selecting the “extract” option in the toolbar. A new folder shall be created lớn which all extracted should be sent. Once done, clichồng on “OK”.Go to lớn the location where files have been transferred. In here select “VirtualXPVHD” tệp tin & rename it by adding a “.” Between letter Phường. và V so it is entitled as “VIRTUALXP.VHD”. This converts it to a virtual hard disk.Now download a virtualization program to run a new virtual copy of XP.. on it. Download virtual box for this purpose.Once downloaded, open it & clichồng on “new”. Export mode shall be chosen & the virtual machine shall be named.Some amount of RAM memory needs to lớn be allocated to a new virtual machine (value between 512 MB and 2048 MB).Fetch virtual hard disk created earlier and allocate it to the virtual machine.Cliông chồng on the “create” option.Before going further ahead, change some settings. To vày this, chose the “system” and then “boot order” option.After this click on the “display” and then “video memory” option needs lớn be adjusted khổng lồ 128 MB.Now, going baông xã to the VirtualBox; clichồng on network settings and confirm it all settings have sầu been applied khổng lồ it properly.Boot the newly installed OS; restart it when they arrive sầu at a blaông chồng screen. After ignoring all installation prompts which come their way, go lớn “devices”.Under this select “Install Guest Additions CD image” option and default installation location should be chosen by the user.Once done, reboot the system again.

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Windows XP Official ISO Image Honest Review


A bit of criticism and shortcomings were faced by the OS. Its user interface is although friendly but annoyed experienced users at times as they felt they did not need the extra help that it was offering khổng lồ navigate through the system. Moreover, it was too much expensive for all khổng lồ afford. The new product activation was not met with warmth from users who found it quite difficult lớn use.

It can be installed on one system as it possessed a single-user license. The OS has been found to lớn have some poor security features which means it was highly susceptible to lớn attacks from malware. The system was prone to crash and could not be used on the old hardware.

By April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped providing support lớn it. They made a decision lớn not provide any more technical or security updates for the operating system. If we look back, home edition ISO became quite a popular Microsoft products of all time. Today it may not hold up as strongly as it did all the way baông chồng when it got released but has earned it place rightly in history as an amazing sản phẩm to lớn be rocked with.

It changed the game for Microsoft completely & helped lớn cement them as a technological giant in the industry. Though the new versions had come after it is still used by people who fell in love sầu with it all those years ago.

When it comes khổng lồ security, I would highly advise you to stay away from this OS now. There are hundreds of vulnerabilities reportedly in the wild. As it is outdated now and no longer receives any official updates. However, it is still being used on ATM machines worldwide and even some banks are using it.

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Windows XP. SP3 Official ISO Image Full Version Free Download in 32-Bit/64-Bit


I hope you will enjoy the Windows XP SP3 ISO image download that comes in its full version for không tính phí. We have given below both the 32-bit (x86) và 64-bit (x64) variants for you khổng lồ install. These are all the versions along with the below sản phẩm key:

This is the official universal key that you can use for activation:


Installation Requirements

CPU: Hãng Intel or AMD at 733 MHz.RAM: 1 GB.HDD: 6 GB (free space requirement)Hardware: CD-ROM drive.Graphics: Integrated GPU or Super card đồ họa.External: Keyboard & mouse.Download Windows XP SP3 ISO Image 64-Bit