(qplay.vn) – Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn Driver is the middleware used for connect between pcs with qplay.vns .

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If you want download Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn driver We have to open the Canon qplay.vn homepage to lớn choose the true driver suitable for the operating system that you operate.Yet, searching driver for Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn on Canon qplay.vn homepage is complicated, because there are so many types of Canon driver for galore different types of products: qplay.vns, cameras, fax machines, scanners …

This post I nói qua you Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns straight driver download liên kết lớn your advantage for quicker download.

Windows/Mac compatible Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn driver:

– Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn Driver with windows Xp

Canon qplay.vns Driver for Windows 7 32 bit

Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn Driver with Windows 7 64 bit

– Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn Driver with MicrosoftWindows Vista 32 bit

– Canon qplay.vn Driver for windows Vista 64 bit

– Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn Driver with Win 8 32 bit

Canon qplay.vn Driver with MicrosoftWindows 8 64 bit

– Canon qplay.vn Driver with MicrosoftWindows 8.1 32 bit

– Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns Driver for Win 8.1 32 bit

– Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns Driver for Mac operating system and Linus OS

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FREE DOWNLOAD Canon LBPhường. 2900 qplay.vn driver for Windows 8.1 (32bit)

Help tải về & setting up the Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn driver on Win:

Can you download Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns driver?

Before deploy qplay.vn the qplay.vn driver, your Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns must be correctly installed và the machine is ready lớn print .

– First lớn power on the qplay.vns and the máy tính xách tay.

– Step 2 cthua kém the screensaver, virus protect program & other software running on notebook.

– Click to get liên kết và the File Get dialog box will appear .

– Select Save This Program khổng lồ Disk and Save As dialog box appears .

– Choose a thư mục to lớn save sầu the tệp tin in và cliông chồng Save .

– Locate driver files using Windows Explorer when the get has completed .

– Double clichồng on the Canon Lbp 2900 files lớn extract all the Canon Lbp 2900 driver files to lớn a dir on your hard drive (D, E or Desktop on C Drive). Canon Files will be decompressed with a name lượt thích as the name of the qplay.vn mã sản phẩm that you have downloaded (for example: LBP6000_R101_V102A_W32…). However , you can change the path & dir name while unzip .

How lớn install Canon qplay.vns driver ?

– Plug in your Canon Lbp 2900 to your pc

– Open extracted folder & direct cliông xã lớn the Setup.exe pháo program, then choose mở cửa khổng lồ Run the Driver Installer Program.

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– Next, the CAPT qplay.vn Driver – Setup Wizard will appear, you press “Next” button to start setting up your Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns driver.


– In the Canon Lbp 2900 License Agreement – you press to lớn “Yes” button khổng lồ continue.

– After click “Yes” in License Agreement, the Driver Installer will ask you two options:

+ Manually mix port lớn install Canon Lbp 2900 driver

+ Installing with USB connector


If you connect your Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn lớn your pc by USB Cable, please choose option 2: Install with USB connection. Then click “Next” to continue.

– When “Installation cannot be stopped once it starts. Do you want to lớn continue” presentation, press to “Yes”.

– Now, Canon Driver will be install to lớn your laptop, please wait:


– When Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vn thiết lập program is complete, You need restart your laptop.

– When your Canon Lbp 2900 qplay.vns driver setup is complete, you will see the Canon Lbp 2900 icon in the “qplay.vns và Faxes” directory.

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Then you can print with your Canon qplay.vn.

Glad khổng lồ meed you qplay.vn

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