Find out if this powerful data recovery tool is right for you

ByDaniel Blechynden, Christian Cawley26 May 2021


There are three different pricing levels. (Image credit: EaseUS)

Plans và pricing

The current release of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro, v14.2, is available in a limited free trial & three premium options. The không lấy phí trial automatically ends after 30 days, but doesn"t recover software anyway – instead, it simply scans và displays what files you"ll get baông xã if you cough up.

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro subscription options:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro ($69.95/£59.95 a month with automatic renewal) will recover unlimited volumes of data, has a pnhận xét feature so you can confirm what is being recovered, và lets you recover from deleted, hidden, lost, và RAW partitions. There is also online tư vấn for what EaseUS describe as "necessary cases."

The second premium option bundles in a bootable media feature ($99.95/£70.72 for annual renewal) which allows the creation of a bootable USB stick lớn aid data recovery following system failure. lưu ý that there is also a lifetime upgrade option for the eye-watering price of $149.95 (£129.95), which saves money long-term.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro comes with a range of data recovery features. (Image credit: EaseUS)

Key recovery features

Various file recovery features are available with this software, from straightforward undelete (whether accidental or from emptying the recycle bin) khổng lồ recovering data lost by formatting a disk drive. Hard disk drives, SSDs, SD cards, flash drives, USB drives and others can be recovered with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro.

RAW tệp tin systems (where the MBR is corrupt or partition table damaged) that cannot be recognised by your computer"s operating system can also be recovered. With flexible scanning lớn find deleted files quickly or scan storage sector-by-sector, one of the most useful features of this software is the pre-recovery pReviews. This reassurance lets you observe lost files before they"re fully recovered.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro will also, its website boasts, recover data loss caused by power failure, system crash, hard drive failure, viruses, và accidental or poorly planned operating system reinstallation.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro is easy to lớn install and phối up (Image credit: EaseUS)

Finding files

Running EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro on a Dell G5505 running Windows 10, we attempted to lớn recover data from an unmountable 16GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB thumb drive.

Launching the software presents you with a menu of devices và partitions. Along with physical devices, for example, you might find a recovery partition. Newly connected or inserted devices can be found by clicking the refresh button, & if you can"t find a partition it be found discovered by re-scanning the device.

Starting a data recovery scan with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro took just seconds (Image credit: EaseUS)

Clicking Scan on a partition will commence the process of discovering lost data. When the scan completes, the detected files will be listed with an accompanying tệp tin structure. To learn more about an individual tệp tin, check the file form size, date modified, and tệp tin type. The Previews feature lets you take a closer look at the file, while the tìm kiếm box gives you the opportunity khổng lồ find specific files.

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To recover the data from the disk, select the files you want & clichồng Recover. Simply select the recovery destination và wait for the process to complete.

A deep scan retrieved almost 550,000 objects for us (Image credit: EaseUS)

Recovery performance

Recovery Wizard Pro was surprisingly slow. Scanning the 16GB USB device took around 10 minutes, far longer than expected. This could be due khổng lồ the performance of deep scanning techniques, but these are par for the course in recovery software.

Rather than perform the same scan every time, however, the tool features the option khổng lồ save a scan session. Whether this acknowledges the slow scan time or not isn"t clear, but it is a welcome option, enabling you khổng lồ instantly load up the previous scan when restarting the software. For added convenience, the scan tool also includes pause & stop buttons for interrupting the process when necessary.

Perhaps crucially, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro missed files uncovered by lesser tools. This puts the software in quite a difficult position. Given that the không tính tiền trial option is 30 days of scans but no actual recovery, why would anyone spend $69.95 or more for a tool that recovers less than a không lấy phí alternative?

There are numerous self-help channels available. (Image credit: EaseUS)


EaseUS"s website claims that licensed users will get "high-chất lượng remote consultation" for what it deems "necessary cases." In truth, this undersells the support options on offer from EaseUS. Along with pre-sales tư vấn, you"ll get online & tin nhắn support for after sales issues with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. You can also arrange a TeamViewer session with an EaseUS speciacác mục.

However, it is not clear from the trang web whether post-diagnostic intervention is available miễn phí or if a further charge is applicable.

Final verdict

Feature wise, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro does everything it needs khổng lồ. It looks good, the user interface is intuitive, & it detects và scans unmountable disks. On the other hvà, it is expensive sầu, and as well as being slower than competing tools. Recovery is effective sầu, although there is some confusion as to lớn how complete the files are.

Perhaps most disappointing, however, is the limitations of the 30-day trial. Scanning for lost data và displaying it is all very well, but preventing any access is somewhat cruel. A data cap, perhaps limiting the user to lớn 1GB, could easily demonstrate the potential of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro while enticing the potential customer. As it is, the laông xã of a cap seems self-defeating, especially when so many other EaseUS tools have sầu fully functional free and trial options (or thereabouts).