English grammar in use: a self

English Grammar in Use

Fourth Edition

The world"s best-selling grammar series for learners of English.

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Raymond Murphy"s classic reference & practice book for learners of English at intermediate (B1-B2) cấp độ. Perfect for self-study, but also ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for supplementary grammar activities in the classroom. This book has been used by millions of language learners & teachers around the world.

The fourth edition is available as a printed book, an eBook with audio, a điện thoại app for iOS & Android, & online with a Learning Management System for educational institutions

Arranged in a tried-and-trusted, easy to lớn use format, with explanations of grammar points on each left-hvà page and exercises to kiểm tra understanding on the right

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Written by the world"s best-selling author of grammar books for learners of English, Raymond Murphy.

Meet Raymond Murphy

When English Grammar in Use was first published in 1985, Raymond Murphy was working as an English language teacher. At the time, he could not find any grammar reference books that met the needs of his students, và so began creating grammar worksheets. These worksheets eventually became a grammar book that was written with "learners in mind": easy khổng lồ use, clear và simple explanations, practice exercises và an answer key. 

With each new edition, updates và improvements have been made to lớn the explanations and exercises, as well as khổng lồ the kiến thiết & usability.

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145 units covering all of the grammar learners need lớn communicate effectively at intermediate (B1-B2) màn chơi.

Grammar explanations, examples và practice exercises

Clear grammar explanations and examples on each left-hand page, and practice exercises on each right-h& page. Full answer key at the bachồng of the book, along with additional exercises and a study guide khổng lồ help learners identify which areas of English grammar they need help with.

The eBook, thiết bị di động ứng dụng and online version with learning management system include all of the grammar units found in the printed book, plus other great features, including audio for the example sentences.

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So whichever one you choose, you can be sure that you have sầu a comprehensive sầu guide khổng lồ grammar that you can trust.

A truly Smartphone Murphy!

The Smartphone tiện ích makes improving your grammar even easier with genuine Raymond Murphy content, specially designed for smartphones & tablets.

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Go print and digital - Why not?

If you want the flexibility of having English Grammar in Use online or downloaded khổng lồ your tablet, but also want a copy of the printed book, you can buy the print and eBook together.

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Tried & tested by millions of teachers & learners worldwide, this is the essential grammar book for intermediate learners of English.

Trusted by millions, right for you.

An estimated 100 million learners và teachers around the world have sầu used Grammar in Use books, eBooks and apps to improve sầu their English grammar and communication skills.

For over 30 years this reference và practice series has been an essential resource, found on bookshelves, in libraries and in classrooms. It continues lớn provide a clear, comprehensive sầu và trustworthy guide lớn English grammar that learners and teachers appreciate và respect.

Don"t just take our word for it, take a look below at some of the feedback from our customers.

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Amazon Reviewer, (2016)

"Indispensible. Everytoàn thân who"s studying English as a foreign language must have sầu this book in the bookcase at trang chính ... highly recommend it."

Esther K

Amazon Reviewer, (2016)

"Such a brilliant book. It really summarizes everything. Each topic is two pages long, so you get equal coverage of every area."


Amazon Reviewer, (2016)

"Still the best. Must have for people who learning English, or refreshing knowledge. I always recommkết thúc this book to lớn all my friends."

Try the thiết bị di động phầm mềm for free!

English Grammar in Use is available as a downloadable ứng dụng for Android and iOS. Includes all of the grammar explanations from the book, interactive sầu exercises, audio và automatic marking. Try the first six units for không lấy phí.

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