Is god of war coming to pc?

In 20trăng tròn, Horizon Zero Dawn became the first big, first-buổi tiệc nhỏ Sony exclusive sầu khổng lồ launch on PC. It was a big moment for PC gaming, a sign that there might come a time when other beloved Sony exclusives, lượt thích Bloodborne & The Last of Us 2, are available outside the PlayStation, with all the perks PC gaming has khổng lồ offer. The question is: Which games will actually come to lớn PC, và when? 

Behind Bloodborne, God of War may be the most sought-after PC port from Sony"s lineup. Kratos has a trophy case full of trò chơi of the Year awards, & the 2018 game stands alone, even if you haven"t played any of the older games in the series. Sony hasn"t said anything about porting God of War to lớn PC, and unlike Bloodborne, it hasn"t been heavily rumored.

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But Sony has indicated it intends to bring more of its first-tiệc ngọt exclusives to PC, and that makes God of War a likely candidate. Here"s what we know about God of War"s chances of a PC port—and how you can play the older God of War games on PC already, thanks lớn PlayStation Now.

Straight khổng lồ the point: Will God of War come to PC?

Short answer: Maybe. We don"t know!

Long answer: In August 20trăng tròn, a Sony financial report said "We will explore expanding our 1st buổi tiệc nhỏ titles lớn the PC platform... in order khổng lồ promote further growth in our profitability." That could mean God of War, but we could rattle off plenty of other exclusives Sony could go with, instead.

One argument in favor of a God of War port, though, is its sequel. God of War 2, which may be subtitled Ragnarok, is currently scheduled to release in 2021. A PC release of the first game a few months ahead of the new one would be a good way lớn capitalize on bạn excitement, và maybe even sell a few PC gamers a PlayStation 5.

God of War"s director would love to lớn see it on PC, but...

Baông xã in 2019, God of War director Cory Barlog tweeted he would "love" God of War khổng lồ be released on PC, but that the decision is "far above his paygrade."

You know, I would love sầu that. It is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade. As is proven on a daily basis, I am no Kojima.October 29, 2019

It"s nice to lớn know Barlog is in favor, but ultimately what matters is whether Sony wants to invest the time & money into lớn a PC port.

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God of War PC rumors haven"t amounted to lớn much

Job listings at Naughty Dog indicated a PC port of The Last of Us 2 is likely, and a Bloodborne PC port has been rumored for years, at this point. With God of War, however, there hasn"t really been anything to get our hopes up.

In mid-2020, a podcaster claimed God of War was coming lớn PC in August. Cory Barlog quickly shot down the news, và August came & went with no God of War port.

You can play all the old Gold of War games on PlayStation Now


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If you count Sony"s PlayStation Now streaming service, you can actually play the entire God of War series except the 2018 reboot (& a couple mobile/web tie-ins) on PC right now. Here"s the selection of God of War games available on PlayStation Now: 

God of War HDGod of War II HDGod of War RemasteredGod of War: AscensionGod of War: Chains of OlympusGod of War: Ghosts of Sparta

While the new God of War was temporarily playable via PSNow, Sony removed it in 20trăng tròn. It"s possible it will be baông chồng in rotation someday, as Sony makes some of its exclusives available to stream for a limited time.

Not familiar with PlayStation Now? It"s a cloud-based streaming subscription service, a bit lượt thích GeForce Now or Google Stadia, that lets you stream PlayStation games lớn a console or PC. PlayStation Now costs $10 per month (or $60 for a year). When we tried the PC client for PlayStation Now bachồng in năm nhâm thìn, we found its performance good enough, even without a fast mạng internet connection. Latency wasn"t much of an issue, but video clip unique wasn"t exactly great, either.

But that was in 2016. Our colleagues at Techradar say PSNow has "vastly improved since launch," but without a rock solid mạng internet connection, you might run inlớn some issues. Some God of War PC ports sure could solve sầu that problem.

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