Kid reviews for grand theft auto: san andreas

This game was really something! The best game in the Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ series! Things khổng lồ watch out is the profanity. Almost every cut scene has the F-word & especially the N and B word. Even While your driving, CJ swears all the time! But it is okay if you turn down the volume and turn of the subtitles in cut scenes. The violence in this game is overrated. If you think about it, all it is is a blood puddle & unrealistic dead body. There is strip clubs, sex toys, & hookers that can have sex with you! My solution is: This is a open-world, sandbox game! If your child is mature enough & has common sense not khổng lồ got khổng lồ these place, Then get the game for them! This game is amazingly fun and addictive!

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This game is a Classic you should want ur kids to lớn play this game!! Amazing game got me hooked on my PlayStation for the past 10yrs!! By the way chunky cheese is awsome lol
I played this game around the age of 6 (without audio so i couldnt hear swearing) and its amazing, its really fun. There are mild sexual stuff you can find but they not graphic in anyway. Being a west coast gangsta is lit
By middle school kids probably already have sầu heard or use this language. The nudity is nonexistent. The violence is a pool of blood everyone has seen blood before

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Ok so there is no online so don't worry about that i think it is good but 1 character smokes pcp and it is shown the cursing mostly f bombs and the s word sometimes the infamous "N" word
You, probably a boy, can already play this game with 13 years, just don't mind all the minor brutal looking things.To all parents: It's just a game!My goal khổng lồ play this game was the form size of the map and all the features và an excellent story of course! When I started playing this game, it changed my way of creating stories by myself in a positive way!The story is just excellent! If sometoàn thân will ever take the brutality out, this game should be played in all schools!!!!!

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Actually, I see that the game is a bit overrated by CommoonSenseMedia. If we look a bit around, we can see that people tell us that Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Blachồng Ops is okay for a 13+, but some people tell me that GTA San Andreas is người lớn. It's just insane, it doesn't really depover on the age, it depends on the cấp độ of maturity. Let's see the story... The main protagonist is Carl Johnson who comes home from Liberty City (actually New York, just fantasy name) after five years, because his mother has been murdered by some enemy gang called Ballas. The protagonists of the game are mostly against drugs, you have sầu to hunt down craông chồng dealers to clean your hood. The game is more like a journey, after you and your gang came to lớn the top, suddenly your brother gets khổng lồ jail, and the main antogonists (2 corrupt police officers) take you to lớn the countryside and tell you lớn stay away from the ones who betrayed you, & from them. You meet later a hippy, who you work for, then (drug reference...) you pay hlặng for weed (probably your character is really stressed out). Later you make connections in San Francisco, take out a crachồng lab. Take out the Loco Syndicate, they are involved with the drugs. You meet a government agent who you bởi vì jobs for (good purposes). Then later you kill the anotogonists. You also work for triads, who are mostly benign. The story is mostly about perspectives of different levels of the community. Compared khổng lồ newer games, the violenct nội dung is far less, và there are mods to lớn remove the blood. Now the multiplayer... it's a lot of fun after you get bored of the singleplayer, there is a lot of cursing ofcourse, non-censored. There is also a little sexual nội dung, like dildos, hookers. But there are a lot of nice servers & game modes that are fun to play even after years.So in conclusion, the game requires a cấp độ of maturity, multiplayer has no violent scripted scenes so it is okay for 10+ single player is okay for a mature 13-14 years old and up.I hope my Review helped others, just told the facts, the game is fun to play, but singleplayer is not suitable for younger kids.Regards

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