Buy if my heart had wings from the humble store’s first production, “If My Heart Had Wings” is a refreshing, yet bittersweet story of youth with elements of both romance and comedy. Taking place in a school town in the not-so-distant future, where the main character và his female companions, being drawn by the charm of a glider form a club & alặng for beyond the clouds. Four different tales with the various female characters will unfold before you depending on the decisions you make within the story!

IF MY HEART HAD WINGS Japanese Animated Novel/Visual Novel HD





Aoi Minase returns with shattered dreams lớn his wind-swept hometown of Kazegaura. There, atop a hill lined with windmills, he encounters a wheelchair-bound girl, Kotori Habane, và a beautiful, white glider soaring through the sky. Together, they decide lớn revive their school"s defunct Soaring Club in order to lớn ride the "Morning Glory", a phantom cloud carried on the wind that blows across Kazegaura. This is a tale of youth, a tale of boys and girls who loved the sky.

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When I’m flying... That’s when I really feel không lấy phí.

Kotori Habane

A beautiful girl bound lớn a wheelchair. She is a slender girl with long, blaông xã hair và a tidy appearance but is svào willed và speaks with confidence. Also, a cry baby. Because she transferred to lớn Keifuu Academy for the simple reason that she is unable lớn move her legs và Keifuu Academy is completely barrier free, she has no interests in classes which teach specialty fields. Because of this, she is completely cut off from those around her.

I’m different than I was back then.This time I’ll protect it, no matter what!

Ageha Himegi

A fashionable, cheerful, beautiful young girl who has a playfully flirtatious air about her. As she is good with her hands, she belongs to lớn the Robotics Club but will soon join the Soaring Club. She once had feelings Aoi, và despite being confessed khổng lồ by Aoi she rejected hyên ổn. She might even like hyên now. After five long years, they will meet again.

When I had a frikết thúc was the first time I was able lớn see the true color of the sky.

Amane Mochizuki

A tall, gorgeous, and very stylish girl. When quiet, she is beautiful và seems kind, but she can be somewhat of an airhead. She is the sole member of Keifuu Academy’s Soaring Club. She continues khổng lồ enroll in school even after many years in order lớn complete the self-built glider for her best frikết thúc. Although a genius, she can be quite clumsy so things are not going so well.

If I fly, I can surely help support someone.

Asa Kazato

Asa is a girl with a bright & warm atmosphere. She can be a little clumsy, & a bit of an airhead but even those values are attractive sầu. Asa, who can get along with anyone, helps others get along with each other as well. With her sister Yoru, they provide their secret base as a garage for the glider.

I think I’ll always rethành viên this every year when summertime rolls around. This Summer.

Yoru Kazato

Rather indifferent about others, & a bit of a nihimenu. A cool personality, with her head up in the clouds. She tries not khổng lồ get cthất bại khổng lồ others but is emotionally attached to lớn her twin sister Asa. Because she is a genius and does not lượt thích doing pointless things, she is rather pessimistic in regards lớn the Soaring Club. Her grandfather is the chairman of the school which Aoi và the others attend.

It’s not possible to lớn fly alone!Only once you have your friends can you begin flying!

Aoi Minase

Aoi is a boy who has returned to lớn his hometown of Kazegaura as a result of a cycling race accident. He had intended on returning khổng lồ his parents’ home but was made the manager of Keifuu Academy’s girls’ dormitory by his mother who manages the dormitory. Through meeting Kotori, he begins getting baông chồng the passion he once had and pushes forward.

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This glider will fly, carrying all of our dreams with it .




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Minimum Required Environment OS Microsoft Windows XPhường SP3/Vista/7/8 CPU Pentium 4 3.0GHz or higher Main Memory 1GB Display Adaptor Shader Model 2.0 or higher with a maximum texture size of 4096 or higher, DirectX 9 GPU with 8-bit α-texture tư vấn, support with limitation or tư vấn for textures that are not exponentiations of 2 RADEON X series or higher (Excluding X1200 series) GeForce 6000 series or higher Hãng Intel 965 chip mix or higher (GMA X3000 and up) VRAM 256MB Graphics An environment that can display at least 1280×7đôi mươi pixels Recommended Environment OS Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8 Video AMD RADEON HD or higher nVidia GeForce 200 or higher Hãng sản xuất Intel HD graphics or higher *Experience Index 3.7 or higher recommended

*Netbooks và nettops that use atom are not supported.

*When using display adaptors that giới thiệu main memory, the game may not work.

*We vày not guarantee that this game will run on virtual drives or Virtual PCs (including Apple Boot Camp).

*This sản phẩm uses Ogg Vorbis/Lua/tilua++.

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RADEON X Series or higher (excluding X1200 series) GeForce 6000 series or higher Intel 965 chip phối or higher (GMA X3000 & up) *Netbooks and nettops that use atom are not supported.

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RADEON HD or higher GeForce200 or higher Hãng Intel HD Graphics or higher

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