Cambridge key english test 1 with answers wordpress

Exams for visas and immigration in the UK

The Home Office is changing the way they accept our exams.

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Who accepts A2 Key?

Here are just a few of the leading organisations that will accept your certificate:

Universidad de Santiago de ChileUniversidad de SalamancaAgfa-GevaertStudyPortals

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Free resources for teachers during Covid-19

Whether you are teaching your classes online or have sầu returned khổng lồ school, we have a range of practical resources and tools for you. Discover our free resources lớn help you prepare your learners during Covid-19.

Free: Paper-based sample test

Download sample papers for A2 Key

Free: Computer-based sample tests

You will need lớn use the Firefox browser to lớn access these sample tests. You can download Firefox for miễn phí here. Once downloaded, open Firefox & use the link below to view the tests.

Watch this tutorial before you start to help you understand what you need to lớn bởi vì. 

Cheông chồng your answers as you vị the kiểm tra. Once the kiểm tra has finished you will not be able to lớn check them.

Reading và Writing sample test

Listening sample test

Use the answer keys below:

Reading & Writing answer key

Listening answer key

There is no answer key for Reading và Writing Part 9, but there are sample answers và examiner comments in the relevant pages of the A2 Key handbook.

Free: English practice

Practise your English with our free online activities. We have activities for reading, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation và vocabulary. 

Search for free English activities

Speaking chạy thử videos with examiners" commentary

These videos will help your students understvà what happens during a speaking test. You can also download examiner comments for each video.


Read the examiner comments for Rashid and Gonca"s speaking test


Read the examiner comments for Sthefhany và Fayza"s speaking test

Vocabulary list

This danh mục gives teachers a guide khổng lồ the vocabulary needed when preparing students for A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools.

Download A2 Key vocabulary list

Information for candidates

A guide lớn the exam, with advice on preparing for the exam, tips for exam day và useful liên kết.

Download A2 Key information for candidates

Summary regulations for candidates

All the important information you need khổng lồ know when taking the exam.

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Download Summary regulations for candidates

Games and social media

Have fun learning by playing our không lấy phí English games. You can practice your English with other language learners on our Cambridge English Facebook page.

Exam tip videos

Watch our exam tip videos on how to prepare for A2 Key.

Official Cambridge English preparation materials

You can find a wide range of official Cambridge English support materials from Cambridge Assessment English và Cambridge University Press. Support materials include coursebooks and practice tests và include materials in both print & digital formats.


A2 Key Practice Tests

Prepare for the exam with practice papers from Cambridge.

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Exam Booster Key

Exam Boosters are filled with practice exam tasks, facts và useful tips.

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xuất hiện World A2

mở cửa World is an exciting new course which takes you further.

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nguồn Up Level 5

A brand new course that creates "future ready" learners who embrace life with confidence.

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Prepare Level 3

PREPARE 2nd edition combines teen-appeal topics with "under-the-radar" exam preparation.

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