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Do you record audio and use it as a source for taking notes, e.g. for work or studying? Listen N Write is a freeware tool that may help you with that if you bởi.

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It lets you listen to audio recordings to lớn transcribe them without having to switch between two different programs for the same purpose.


Note: This is not a transcription software that converts audio lớn text. Melanie reviewed the program baông xã in 2011; time to take another look & see how it has changed.

Listen N Write has two windows: one controls the audio player, the other the text editor.

Audio Player

The thực đơn bar has four menus that list various important options. The File thực đơn can be used lớn open an existing multitruyền thông file; officially, the program only supports WAV and MP3, but I was able to play the audio from Clip files (AVI, MKV, MOV) as well.

You can optionally use the built-in Sound Recorder in Listen N Write khổng lồ record audio. It works with internal microphones on laptops & the sound thẻ (speakers). Audio recordings made with the program can only be saved in WAV format.

The Playbachồng thực đơn lets you play, pause, stop, jump bachồng or forward or reduce/increase the playbachồng tốc độ. There is an option khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ a specific time stamp of the audio too. The one which I found most useful here was the bookmark option which lets you mark time points throughout the audio that can be used for quichồng reference. The View menu lets you disable the text editor (if you want to lớn use it just for playing or recording audio). You can control the playbaông chồng with the function keys (F3 lớn F7).

The playbaông chồng bar has 7 buttons for opening files, pausing, go baông chồng, go forward, stop, recording the audio. The dictation key (F12) also called the Smart pause & play is useful when you want to lớn pause the playbaông chồng and type in the text editor.

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Tip: Not a bạn of keyboard shortcuts? Since both the audio player và text editor are floating panes, you can place the player above the text editor và control it with the mouse.

Text Editor

The menu bar has the File và Edit menus for your basic operations. The third option, time stamp, is quality. Clicking on it adds the exact time position of the audio to the text editor. Say for example, you"re listening to an audio which is at 0:51, and you click "Time Stamp", it will add <00:00:51> khổng lồ the text editor & you can add the text from the audio for reference.

Listen N Write can save sầu text documents in TXT và RTF formats and features basic formatting tools that a word processor would have sầu.


The regular installer và the portable version are available as separative archives which contain a single EXE. It is a self-extracting archive sầu that has all the files which are required for the program khổng lồ function.

Note: I had an issue with the portable version not displaying the text editor, và had khổng lồ use the installer version.

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Closing Words

Though Listen N Write can largely be useful for students who want lớn record lectures, office workers who wish to go over the content from meetings, writers, or journalists. I think it may also be a handy tool for people who are learning a new language.

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