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mobile games developer and publisher Thumbage today announced that its Smartphone strategy game, Maze: Shadow of Light, is now available worldwide on Google Play & the App Store. The game is a quality action thiết bị di động RPG with cartoon rendered 3 chiều kiến thiết that prioritizes dynamic gameplay & controls with the Tag Action system. Tag Action allows players khổng lồ swap between their Heroes and Guardians to activate chain combos khổng lồ defeat enemies. Players are tasked to defkết thúc the world of Tera from the antagonist, Diabolus.

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Not only does the Tag Action system allows them to come up with their igiảm giá khuyến mãi combos but it can also add extra passive sầu skills such as, “Increased Damage”, “Decrease Defense”, or “Stun” into lớn their bộ combo skills. This system allows players to play the game strategically instead of mindlessly pressing the single button repeatedly. To celebrate the global launch, Maze: Shadow of Light is giving out White Knights’ costume lớn all players on the first day!


Key features of Maze: Shadow of Light:

• Engage Raid Boss with various attachồng patterns!

• Face horde of monsters in the unpredictable Maze!

• Real-time PvP.. against millions of players worldwide!

• Unique Tag kích hoạt feature between Heroes and Guardians!


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September 18, 2018
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