My Brother Ate My Pudding

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, solutions và answers for the iOS và Android room escape game, My brother ate my pudding, by hap Inc. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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You can watch my walkthrough đoạn phim for the entire game or see my step-by-step guide below:

Opening cutscene: xuất hiện the fridge and take the pudding.

Room 01: Open the window curtain và then tap the window to hide behind the curtain.

Room 02: Pull all the books off the shelves and then hide under them.

Room 03: Tap the arrow khổng lồ go right. xuất hiện the drawer to lớn get a newspaper. Go baông chồng left and drag the newspaper to lớn the couch to lớn hide behind it.

Room 04: Choose the blue sheet so it blends in with the wall color.

Room 05: Go right. Open the clomix and take the jacket. Go bachồng left và give sầu the jacket khổng lồ grandpage authority so you can hide behind him.

Room 06: xuất hiện the clomix and remove the bat. Hide in the closet!

Room 07: Pichồng up the chair. Go right and open the drawer lớn get a counter. Head baông xã left & place the chair down. Put the counter on the chair & watch what happens.

Room 08: Go right và turn off the light. Wait until your sister passes by and then turn the light baông xã on.

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Room 09: Tap on the foot of grandpa’s blanket so only your feet will stiông chồng out.


Room 10: xuất hiện the drawer lớn get the nuts/seeds. Go right and open the window. Go back left & use the seeds with the bench lớn attract the birds.

Room 11: xuất hiện the fridge & take the carrot. Place the carrot on the plate & quickly tap on the giraffe to lớn jump on its head.


Room 12: Go right & piông chồng up the basketball. Go bachồng left & give sầu it to lớn the referee. You then have to lớn jump at he right moment to get it before the other player. Try to lớn jump when the ball is around halfway down.

Room 13: Go right. Piông chồng up the bowling ball. Then jump into the hole where it was resting.

Room 14: mở cửa the fridge and take the Apple & orange. Go right and open the drawer. Take the flashlight. Go left again and place the two fruits on the plates. Use the flashlight on the Apple khổng lồ enlarge it and then jump inside. (I don’t know. Don’t ask me.)


Room 15: Piông xã up the axe. Go right and use the axe pháo khổng lồ cut off a piece of reed (bamboo?). Go bachồng left và use the reed with the water khổng lồ breathe under it.

Room 16: Just keep jumping on the trampoline until you go high enough khổng lồ be outside of the screen.

Room 17: Piông xã up the fishing rod. xuất hiện the drawer to lớn get the matches. Use the matches to light the coals. Go right và fish until you catch a fish. Go bachồng left và put the fish on the fire.

Room 18: Go right và tap on the giả menu.


Room 19: This one’s clever. Just tap và hold basically anywhere on the screen. He’ll hide behind your thumb!

Room 20: This one’s really dễ thương. Have sầu the brother climb down the well. When the sister comes by, have her look down there. Then go baông chồng lớn the brother & look around under there. Notice the lantern. Switch back to the sister. Have sầu her go left & get the axe pháo, then the matches from the drawer. Have her wake grandpage authority, find the cat in the orange, & then get mom from the clophối. Then go bachồng khổng lồ the well and drop the matches & axe pháo down lớn her brother. Have the brother use the matches to lớn light the lantern, then use the axe cộ khổng lồ break the wooden crate. Take the rope và throw it up to the rest of the family, then have them pull hyên up. The end!