Ghost Win 7 application supports installing Windows quickly and effectively. Instead of using USD or downloading Windows 7 lớn your computer that takes a lot of time, you can install Windows 7 with Ghost Windows 7 with the simple steps below that you can use the computer effectively.

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Ghost Win 7 is the shorkiểm tra way to help you reinstall your Windows 7 operating system. Previously, users only had to install Windows 7 with CDs và DVDs, but now with ghost win 7 with many different ghosts, you can save a lot of time và have a lot of useful software. Useful.

Ghost Windows 7, how to ghost windows 7 32bit 64bit with USB

There are many ways ghost Windows 7. Users can ghost win 7 with Onkey Ghost. As you know, Onekey Ghost is one of the software that supports creating ghost files & bug ghost files very effectively and is loved & used by many users.

Also, the way Ghost win 7 with Hiren Boot is one of the most basic & most done methods ever. For each student, the HirenBoot disk is a tool for separation when using a computer.

Table of Contents:1. Ghost windows 7 with USB.2. Ghost Win 7 is equal to Norton Ghost.

Ghost Windows 7, how khổng lồ ghost windows 7 32bit 64bit with USB


USB capacity ≥ 1Gb.Software Hiren BootCD (with all versions)Software Grub4dosVersion of Windows 7 extension .GHO khổng lồ ghost:

Ghost Win 7 set

Download Ghost Win 7 64bitDownload Ghost Win 7 32bit

Step 1: First you need khổng lồ create a USB Boot drive with Grub4dos (Refer to how Create USB Boot with Grub4dos)

After performing the steps in the article above, you have Hiren’s Boot in your USB. Of course, Hiren’s Boot will include Norton Ghost tool lớn help you ghost Windows 7.

Step 2: Next, you perform the following steps lớn ghost Windows 7 using USB.

First when booting the computer, you boot lớn USB & then select Dos Program. Refer to lớn the thiết lập, adjust boot from USB first on the computer.


Then follow the steps shown below lớn access Norton Ghost.


Choose Backup Tools


Choose Norton Ghost 11.5.1


Choose Ghost (Normal)


Press Enter or cliông chồng OK, got it.

To ghost Windows 7, you choose Local > Partition > From Image.


Next, use the up and down arrow keys khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ the location of the Windows 7 ghost file format .GHO that you already have sầu on your hard drive.

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Select the ghost tệp tin of Windows 7 và press Open.


Here you will select the drive sầu lớn extract the ghost win 7. tệp tin. Usually when the ghost with USB, this step will show 2 drives (HDD & USB). You can distinguish it by observing the total capathành phố of the two drives. USB usually has a much smaller (Size) capathành phố.


Next, you will select the partition khổng lồ extract ghost windows 7. This step is very important, you should install on the system partition installed earlier for Norton Ghost to overwrite. On the other h&, if you write lớn the partition containing data, all your data will “fly without wings.” Press OK, got it to lớn the next step.


Click Yes to confirm extract ghost file into the selected partition.


Finally, Norton Ghost will persize the ghost process of Windows 7. Any errors that appear in this step cause problems for the operating system. Therefore, you should sit in front of the screen khổng lồ observe whether the ghost process generates an error or not.


So above just introduced to lớn you how to lớn ghost win 7, ghost window 7 with USB. Usually if the error ghost is all due lớn the download of your Ghost Win 7 online. You should find another path khổng lồ download và ghost again.

If you use Windows 8 operating system, you can also use many ways ghost win 8 to lớn save sầu time instead of using the way lớn install win 8 took time before.

Similar to lớn Win 8, with Win 10, you absolutely can use the reference ghost win 10 to lớn refresh its operating system.

If you perform Ghost Win XP, Win 8 or Ghost Win 10, you tải về it

* Windows XP ghost kit: Download Ministry of ghost Windows XP* Windows 8 ghost kit: Download Ghost set of Win 8* Windows 10 ghost kit: Download The ghost of Win 10

Norton Ghost is a software that runs on DOS và Windows environments, now Norton Ghost is built on the hard drive by users so that when the computer fails, it can be repaired without a CD / DVD Rom drive. . Also has the same function as Norton Ghost that is Onekey Ghost, you can also download Onekey Ghost … to lớn ghost windows 7 effectively.

* Ghost Win 7 is equal to lớn Norton Ghost

Step 1: You guys tải về Norton Ghost

When the computer boots up, you will have sầu two options:

– One is access to lớn normal operating system

– Second, access lớn Norton Ghost software. You select the second line lớn enter Norton Ghost.


Ghost Windows 7 with Norton Ghost software

Step 2: Then the program will launch Norton Ghost you choose OK, got it


Step 3: Here you choose Local already Partition then select From Image


Step 4: You choose the arrow keys khổng lồ select the partition to lớn save sầu File Ghost


Step 5: Here select Ghost file previously saved and then Cliông chồng Open to lớn extract that Ghost file


Step 6: You select the hard drive sầu (if your computer has two or more hard drives, you must select the correct hard drive sầu to Ghost to lớn avoid data loss when Ghost mistakenly) then Clichồng OK, got it to proceed lớn Ghost


Step 7: After selecting the hard drive sầu, you need to select the hard drive sầu partition for Ghost and Cliông xã OK, got it


Step 8: When the notification you choose Yes to determine


Step 9: After pressing Yes The program will conduct Ghost khổng lồ your computer, wait for a few minutes và then restart the computer lớn enter the Windows 7 operating system as desired.

* So we have sầu instructed you to lớn complete Ghost Windows 7 with Norton Ghost software, without using the CD / DVD drive sầu.