Plants vs zombies™ 2 free


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the second part of the excellent tower defense strategy game in which you have sầu lớn protect your garden against a zombie invasion


At a simple glance, tower defense strategy games could be considered quite boring: waves of enemies coming lớn conquer your territory và you having to lớn protect yourself however you can. But that"s not exactly so, as they"re really similar lớn real-time strategy games with the only difference that your combat strategy is always defensive sầu.

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One of the best games in this genre that has appeared over the last few years has a rather peculiar plot: there"s you at home page, minding your own business when all of a sudden a zombie invasion breaks out, putting your life in danger. The only way to save sầu yourself is using your garden, where you"ll plant a series of deadly vegetables capable of shooting seeds as if they were bullets, as well as using other weapons & ammo.

Look after your garden if you don"t want khổng lồ have sầu your brain eaten.

We"re talking about Plants vs. Zombies, as you"ve probably imagined, a game that"s been so successful that it has also led to versions for Android, iPhone, PS4, Xbox và Windows PC, as well as new editions such as Heroes, Garden Warfare or this Plants vs. Zombies 2, the second installment for Android smartphones and tablets.

New features and challenges

Regarding the dozens of zombies & levels present in the first game in this saga, in this title, we"ll find new species of plants to grow and new enemies to be killed with our vegetables:

The sunflowers and peashooters are now joined by new species such as Lava Guavas và Laser Beans.New zombies: Jetpachồng Zombie, Mermaid Imp, và Zombie Chickens.

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Earn seed packs while you play lớn feed your plants.Get hold of boosters to attachồng with more energy or increase your defenses.Travel in time và space khổng lồ 11 different worlds such as Ancient Egypt or the future.Over 300 levels.Daily challenges and events.Mini-games.

The game can be downloaded for không tính phí but it includes in-app purchases that allow you lớn improve your equipment & gain other advantages such as speeding up the growth of your plants. That"s what we could consider as the full version.

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In turn, we can also get hold of mods lớn modify và customize the game, giving it a different aspect or appearance. One of them, for instance, turns the game"s settings into an environment that could well belong to the world of Minecraft.

What"s new in the lademo version?

New plant: Inferno.Jurassic March lands on Penny"s Pursuit.Return of the Champion Arena season.Bug fixes.

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