Customer Reviews: Buffalo Airstation Extreme Ac1750 Gigabit

Buffalo WZR-1750DHPhường AirStation Extreme AC1750 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router Reviewed DetailsScott DeLeeuw10 September 2013
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At a glanceProductBuffalo Technology AirStation Extreme AC 1750 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router (WZR-1750DHP)
SummarySecond-ren Broadcom CPU based AC1750 class router with USB 2.0 & 3.0 ports and good storage sharing
Pros• Fast FAT32 storage throughput• USB 3.0 port• Easy QoS & Web filtering controls
Cons• NTFS USB format not supported• 5 GHz performance lags



Buffalo sent us both its AC class routers to take a look at, the WZR-1750DHP và WZR-1166DHP. First up is a look at the Broadcom-based WZR-1750DHPhường.

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The WZR-1750DHP. has plenty of lights and ports with four Gigabit Ethernet LAN, one WAN & a USB 2.0 port & USB 3.0 port. Buttons include power, mode, và AP/bridge, but No wireless on/off.


Buffalo WZR-1750DHPhường front panel callouts

The front panel "Buffalo" và rear-panel USB LEDs use color và blinks codes, so keep the manual handy. The front và rear callouts can be seen on the images above and below.

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Buffalo WZR-1750DHP.. rear panel callouts


We didn"t take apart the 1750DHP & instead relied on the FCC ID photos that had closeups of all the key components. The large plate in the top cover is a heat spreader that is thermally coupled to the ceramic heat spreader on top of the second-generation Broadcom BCM4708A SoC that forms the heart of the router. There is another plate on the other cover with thermal pads that serve as heatsinks for other components.


Buffalo WZR-1750DHPhường. case và board

Removing the shielding reveals the key Broadcom devices.


Buffalo WZR-1750DHP board

The WZR-1750DHP"s key components are summarized in Table 1 beside the D-Link DIR-868L—the only other AC1750 class router we"ve sầu reviewed so far using Broadcom"s second-generation BCM4708A SoC. The designs are pretty much the same except for more RAM in the Buffalo.


Buffalo WZR-1750DHP D-Link DIR-868L CPUSwitchRAMFlash2.4 GHz Radio5 GHz radio
Broadcom BCM4708A Broadcom BCM4708X
in BCM4708A In BCM4708X
512 MB 128 MB
128 MB 128 MB
- Broadcom BCM4331- SiGe (Skyworks) SE2605L 2.4 GHz High Power nguồn Wireless LAN Power Amplifier (x3) - BCM4331 - Unidentified external power amplifier (x3)
- Broadcom BCM4360- Skyworks SE5003L1 5 GHz, 23dBm nguồn Amplifier with nguồn Detector (x3) - Broadcom BCM4360 - Unidentified power amplifier (x3)
Table 1: Component summary
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