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This blog is solely for those who want OST to PST Converter không tính tiền tool or, some không lấy phí methods to lớn convert their inaccessible OST files.

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It’s too hectic to convert the isolated files inlớn feasible files.

But you don’t have khổng lồ worry as we are going khổng lồ solve all your muddles và will provide you fast and easy methods too.

Moreover, we are going to tell you all the situations in which you need a free OST to PST converter tool.

Along with that, we want khổng lồ recommover you the không lấy phí OST lớn PST converter tool i.e., Stellar.

Also, the software comes in both the paid & free versions since here you are for không lấy phí conversion then we’ll talk about it in detail below…

Keep reading the blog khổng lồ know how you can convert outlook OST lớn PST online with this tool.


4 Exhaustive sầu Features of Stellar OST to lớn PST Converter Tool

Stellar – The Best Free OST to lớn PST Converter Free Tool

Packed with high data algorithms và numerous skills it’s the best and also the không tính phí OST khổng lồ PST converter tool in the market.

Moreover, the tool easily converts the inaccessible OST files inlớn significant PST files.

Also, the miễn phí unlimited OST khổng lồ PST converter tool is compatible with all the versions of outlook i.e., 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, năm 2016, 2019.

Comparatively, the tool saves all the formats of the email files such as MSG, PDF, RTF, HTML, & EML.

Furthermore, the best Outlook OST to PST converter tool facilitates the user with the conversion of large PST files into smaller and simple PST files.

Moreover, the tool converts all the mailbox items such as Emails, Calendars, Contacts, etc into importable PST files.

Although, the Stellar OST Converter sorts and organizes all the messages & saves them into simpler files.

A Quick Overview on Stellar the OST khổng lồ PST Conversion Tool

Converts the encrypted OST files inkhổng lồ portable PST files.Easily converts the large-sized OST files into simpler PST filesExtracts all the mailbox data itemsConverts single OST file inkhổng lồ multiple tệp tin formatsCompacts the encrypted PST filesScans the tệp tin before savingConverts the IMAP OST files

Reasons You Need Free OST khổng lồ PST Converter Microsoft

Now, moving ahead let’s understand some of the exciting features of the Stellar OST khổng lồ PST converter free tool.

Exhaustive sầu Features of Stellar OST to lớn PST Converter Tool

Here are some of the enticing và advanced features of the Stellar OST to PST converter freeware tool that makes it the most trustworthy tool worldwide.

Converts Multiple OST files inkhổng lồ Single Batch Process

The tool easily converts multiple OST files into PST files through the single batch process.

Moreover, this feature is highly beneficial when you want lớn extract the mailbox data from several PST files.

Easily Converts the Oversized OST Files

The Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Converter tool has surpassed all the tests in converting the large-sized OST files into simple PST files.

Comparatively, the tool works very effectively when Microsoft Outlook crashes và faces encryption issues.

Breaks the Large Sized PST Files

One of the editions of the tool easily splits the large-sized PST files by kích cỡ, date, thư mục, etc.

Also, it can split about 50 GB of mailbox data and manages the troublesome PST files.

Easily Extracts the Mailbox Items

The Stellar OST to PST Conversion tool can easily extract all the mailbox items like contacts, emails, attachments, journals, notes, tasks, etc.

Furthermore, the tool proves khổng lồ be the best lớn convert the mailbox items of OST files inlớn PST files.

Preview all the Data Before Saving

The special feature of the OST Converter tool is that it aids the user to pReviews all the OST files.

Moreover, you can pĐánh Giá all the stored items of OST files lượt thích emails, calendars, contacts, etc, before converting them inlớn PST files.

Compress the PST files

The OST to lớn PST Converter tool easily compresses all the attachments of the PST files & saves them into lớn the folder.

Converts the Encrypted OST Files with Ease

You might find an issue when you try to convert the encrypted OST files into PST files.

While with the Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Conversion tool you can easily convert your inaccessible OST files inkhổng lồ a single PST file.

Transforms the OST Files into lớn Multiple File Formats

The Stellar tool easily convert OST lớn PST into lớn multiple file formats such as MSG, PST, EML, RTF, PDF, and HTML.

Moreover, it also helps in viewing the mailbox website contents.

Allows the Saving of the Scan Files

The tool helps with the scanning of the files & saves them and after that again starts the conversion of the files.

Easily Converts the OST files inlớn Office 365

The Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Converter tool sida the user in converting the OST files inlớn office 365.

Although, users can easily log in to lớn their office 365 trương mục and export their mailbox directly.

Free OST khổng lồ PST Converter

One of the most important features of Stellar the OST to lớn PST converter free online tool is that it comes in a miễn phí version.

Rather it also comes in the paid version that we’ll discuss later.

First, we want you lớn know that the free version of the tool lets you pReviews the mailbox data and also helps in extracting đôi mươi items per thư mục.

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So, if you want to pReview your data you can go for the Stellar OST to PST converter không tính tiền full version.

Or else if you want khổng lồ convert your overall files you can go for the license version of the tool.

Stellar OST to lớn PST Converter Free Tool Specifications

LicenseSingle User
Release DateAugust 2020
Version SupportMS Outlook, Office 365, 2007,2010, 2013, năm nhâm thìn, 2019

Processor Intel-compatible (x86, x64)
Operating SystemWindows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Memory 4 GB minimum (8 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk 250 MB for installation

Okay, straightaway we know that you are here for the không tính tiền OST to PST Conversion then, we are making you aware about one of the complete không lấy phí versions of the tool.

Now, you must be wondering about which version we are talking.

So, for your lucid understanding, we want to tell you that it is none other than the Craông chồng version of the Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Converter Tool.

Now, let’s get ahead and acknowledge the Craông xã version.

Stellar OST to lớn PST Converter Crack

The Stellar OST to PST Converter Craông chồng is the không lấy phí version of the Stellar OST Converter Tool.

Additionally, the không tính tiền crachồng version yields you all the premium features of the tool without any cost.

Subsequently, this means you don’t have sầu khổng lồ waste a single penny to lớn avail the premium features of the tool.

The features of the tool are very lucrative sầu & come even without any cost.

However, one thing you need to know that this craông xã version is not developed by the official developer.

Furthermore, it is developed by some third-buổi tiệc ngọt websites và not even available on our website.

Also, we would not even recommend you go for this version, now you must be thinking why?

The reason behind our recommendation is your safety only, as it may seem very profitable but comes with many malicious programs.

Hence, it may look out for all your data without your consent and steal your data too.

So, we would always suggest you go for the Online Purchase of the license version or you can also pĐánh Giá your files with the actual free version of the Stellar tool, not the crack. Means. always buy Stellar OST To PST Converter Too only from its official website.

How lớn export OST to PST With Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Converter Tool

STEP. 1 Download the Stellar OST to lớn PST converter tool.

OST khổng lồ PST Converter Full Version Download

Now, install it on your system

Step 2 Now, launch it and then clichồng on the Select Outlook PST from the trang chủ Tab of the top Ribbon.


Step 3 Click on the ‘’ Browse” option if you aren’t aware of the location of the OST file.

Now, clichồng on the Convert option khổng lồ start the conversion process.


Step 4 The software has started the conversion of the OST tệp tin.

Hence, the time required khổng lồ convert the tệp tin depends upon the kích cỡ of the OST files.


Step 5 when the Conversion gets completed the software pĐánh Giá the mailbox items.

Comparatively, also shows the deleted folders in red color on the left pane.


Step 6 Select the folder you want lớn convert & then cliông chồng on the save sầu converted file option in the trang chủ Tab.


Step 7 A process bar will show the status of your saving process.

Moreover, if you want you can also stop the process then the conversion will stop.


Step 8 Now, your file has been saved at the desired location, clichồng on ok khổng lồ finish the process.


Customers đánh giá on Stellar OST khổng lồ PST Converter Tool

I have sầu wasted days exporting my OST files but Stellar proved to be the best và solved all my problems by converting all the OST files.

C Shepard

A very simple & handy tool lớn use, the price is also very decent, accurately converted all my files.

Chris D

I thought my Outlook 2003 address book was almost lost but thanks lớn Stellar, it saved my life.

Brad P


The tool very efficiently converts the tin nhắn items và also helped me in extracting my mailbox items, though the tool worked very well.


The Bottom Line

So, here we kết thúc up about the Stellar OST lớn PST converter không lấy phí tool and also the paid version of the tool.

Moreover, we also suggested you never go for the crack version as it comes with many fraudulent programs.

Comparatively, we gave you all the relevant features of the tool và also told you the features of the không tính phí version.

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Now, if you have any further queries related to lớn the post tell us in the comment section below.

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