Angry Birds Space

Unlochồng new adventures in Angry Birds Space

The gameplay has come a long way for the Angry Birds series. This time, the players are witnessing how gravity affects the whole gaming environment.

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The pigs are coated with air bubbles & have sầu a gravitational force around them. These changes make the game more difficult yet fun to lớn play. The typical slingshot & other familiar material give you that homely feel of the series.


Rovio did not stop with just developing the game. It also teamed up with Nat Geo to create a book on these cute yet feisty birds.Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight Inkhổng lồ the Final Frontierwas the book that was first published to lớn promote the game.

Later on, Kaiken releasedAngry Birds Space: Colors.Along with that, they also publishedAngry Birds Space: Numbers. There were also several other publications by different entities.

Comic Adaptations

A comic adaptation of the game was released by Rovio for promotion. It foretells the prelude of the game with some key elements. Moving on 4 years later, after the initial release, IDW released a series of two stories for the game.

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Salla Hakkola, a veteran in the music gaming industry, mixed the soundtrack for this game. While Slash came in khổng lồ compose the remixed theme of the game.

App Privacy

Rovio had been infamous for their app privacy and that’s why with this new version, they made sure of no loopholes. They implemented a high-authority security protocol khổng lồ ensure the users’ personal data from leaking.

Still, many trojan malware were said to lớn attaông xã the unofficial version of the game on different sites. That led lớn more distrust in Rovio’s work culture. However, the official apps were unaffected by any suspicious activities.

What’s New?

Want lớn know what new features & additions this epic adventure offers? Have sầu a look-

More than 300 New ChaptersAll-new Birds!More Special Abilities!Zero-G Levels with Awesomeness!Bonus Chapters!Gorgeous Animation!


The game was initially published for di động platforms such as Android và iOS. Then, the support for Windows devices came in. However, the game is not supported for Linux or macOS.


Awesome gaming experienceInteractive UI và animationFree for allAddictive levels and characters


Minor bugs

FAQ’s about Angry Birds Space

Of course, you can download the game for không tính phí without any issues. You can safely download it from this trusted trang web. Go lớn the top of the page và click on the green button.

Unfortunately, yes, the game was removed from the google play store officially in 2019. However, there are multiple trusted unofficial websites where you’ll be able lớn find it.

This epic pig-fighting game is available on several trusted websites. You can even get it for free from this trang web. All you need to lớn vì chưng is clichồng the download icon, and that’s it.