The legend and the hero 2

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Part II of the "The Legkết thúc and the Hero". Ruby Lin takes over from Fan Bing Bing as Tan Gei while Ray Liu Leung Wai is the Emperor.






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The second part really pales in comparison to the first. Part two focuses heavily on how Zhou defeats Shang. The role of Su Da Ji is much more one dimensional và less important. Ok, they changed her, but this was a downgrade. Su Da Ji was very CRUEL; however, she incurred sympathy too. Ruby does not make one feel anything "cept the need to lớn fast forward...much lượt thích Ray"s Emperor. But I lượt thích Ruby, she managed to lớn look capricious and apathetic...Too much time is spent on Ji Fa"s romance with Wang Li Ke. Of course, Liu De Kai is still awesome as are Yang Jian, Na Zha, Lei Zhen Zi và Wu Ji. They were all humorous at the right moments to balance out the more serious storyline. New characters like the couples Sun & Deng Chan Yu & Long Ji & Hong Jin were dễ thương. If you watched part one, you should watch part two also. In comparison khổng lồ the Feng Sheng Bang from the 90"s, this one really explains & has more stories as the novel does.

And about her evilness...Evil Daji was dead in 1st part of FSB , and they make Daji reborn in this series again. This Daji is totally diffferent from previous Daji who is true evil. Ruby"s daji is between evil and human. Lots of news said(when they filming series) This Daji is different with old one. ""This Daji that ruby lin playing is not longer possessed by the evil fox spirit, have sầu to lớn play the human type of evil. "

can anyone tell me the opening and ending tuy vậy for this series? I can"t seem khổng lồ find it anywhere so if anyone can help me i"d really appreciate it.

2nd part, fighting was good, cchiến bại to the mô tả tìm kiếm to the book/ but ruby lin disappoints in her role as da ji. She could not express her fox spirit compare to lớn tín đồ bing bing. She was not convinceing enough as the fox, also the new guy playing the king was not as god as Samual. So pretty much the 2nd couple disappoints. Ruby lin acting is 1-10/ 5! And i dont care about the steamy bed scene, fan bing bing didnt even did tat kind of bed scene & she was still about to lớn express the fox inside of her. U could she when she was possessed và when she was not.

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