Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms since it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.

It provides great opportunities for personal and professional brands và businesses to lớn promote their products & services.

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However, a day has only 24 hours, & we can’t use all of it. Additionally, you have many other things khổng lồ vì chưng. Even if we don’t mention your life outside the social world, you need lớn be active on other popular social channels lượt thích Instagram, Twitter, or Youtube to promote your business effectively.

That means a limited time for almost boundless efforts. That’s why you need lớn automate your Facebook operations & look for methods to auto-post Facebook groups và Facebook pages.

Social Media Auto Poster: Auto post lớn social truyền thông from one place!
Opting for social truyền thông auto poster lượt thích thousands of other social media managers, small business owners and digital personas?
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What is a Facebook auto poster?

A Facebook auto poster essentially performs two functions. One of them is that it enables you to batch your Facebook nội dung & schedule it for a later, planned time.

It allows you to lớn create and design multiple Facebook nội dung for your multiple Facebook accounts. You can auto-post images, videos, gifs, link, & other kinds of nội dung on Facebook tự động poster services.

This way you can plan your future Facebook posts in advance and automatically publish them when the time comes.

Secondly, a Facebook tự động poster keeps your Facebook accounts always fresh by auto-posting from RSS Feeds. You can connect multiple RSS Feeds khổng lồ your multiple Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages & make them automatically post even while you are sleeping.

Automation is not only a desirable feature for Facebook. You can auto-post khổng lồ other major social media platforms. To find out more, you can kiểm tra our detailed guide here:

Post to Multiple Facebook Groups at One Time
Do you need lớn post to lớn multiple Facebook groups at the same time? qplay.vn Publish lets you tự động hóa post khổng lồ multiple Facebook groups!

Does Facebook allow auto-posting?

You can publish or schedule your posts natively on Facebook. On its publishing tools, you can automate your Facebook post for your Groups và Pages. It is không lấy phí but a bit complicated.

However, you can’t connect RSS Feeds to your accounts natively on Facebook. You need to lớn use third-các buổi party tools khổng lồ automatically post from RSS feeds lớn your Facebook Groups và Facebook Pages.

Why bởi vì we need a Facebook auto poster?

Managing a Facebook Group effectively is a time and energy-consuming activity. By using a Facebook Aulớn Poster, you can;

Post in the day và at night. A Facebook auto poster makes your multiple Facebook accounts 24 hours active.Routinize Facebook posting. If you are on Facebook for kinh doanh, consistency, and continuity are the keys khổng lồ success.

How vày you make an automatic post on Facebook?

People are looking for ways lớn auto-post on their Facebook accounts. You can come across similar questions on popular online forums.

People look for an answer on Quora

Or you can find similar examples on another popular diễn đàn, Reddit:

Similar question on Reddit

As it is mentioned above sầu, you can partially automate your posts natively on Facebook. But, if you are looking for a simpler, thorough method khổng lồ make an automatic post on Facebook, qplay.vn Publish is in your service.

qplay.vn offers a forever-free plan lớn automate your Facebook Group posts.

You may want to lớn post your tweets on your Facebook & don"t know how khổng lồ vì it. If you want khổng lồ make your tweets shareable on Facebook, please kiểm tra our detailed article:

How khổng lồ make tweets shareable on Facebook (2022)?
As we talk about social media channels, Twitter và Facebook have sầu an important place in terms of traffic by the number of users they have sầu. Therefore, if you need an effective social truyền thông sale strategy, you need to know how to cốt truyện your tweets on your Facebook accounts.
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How to lớn auto-post on Facebook with qplay.vn Publish?

Thanks to lớn its Facebook tự động hóa poster feature, you can schedule your future posts for your multiple Facebook Groups & Facebook Pages. You can also add lớn your queue your Facebook posts.

Post, schedule or add to lớn queue your Facebook content on qplay.vn

You can also automate your Facebook posts with Queue scheduling. It enables you lớn phối time intervals & mô tả your Facebook nội dung automatically & continuously.

You can phối time intervals và sover your Facebook Group posts continuously

You can connect RSS Feeds to lớn your Facebook Group & Facebook Pages via qplay.vn Publish. Find your qplay.vns, news websites, và other sources & add them lớn keep your Facebook accounts always shining.

You can connect qplay.vns, news websites, etc. lớn your social media accounts.

The “Discover Articles” feature on qplay.vn offers another way of auto-post on Facebook. You can set your interests và let qplay.vn find amazing pieces from globally reputable magazines. Then, you can auto-mô tả them with your Facebook audience.

Find related articles to your interests & tóm tắt them with your audience.

You can create and thiết kế your Facebook nội dung on qplay.vn’s simple dashboard without the assistance of another tool.

You can take advantage of excellent built-in tools. Canva, Unsplash, and Giphy provide useful templates, pictures, animations, filters, effects, và other kinds of content to lớn enrich and embellish your Facebook nội dung.

Design your Facebook nội dung on Canva

On qplay.vn the nightmare of Facebook users, Facebook posts, và image kích cỡ requirements are not a problem anymore. You can find elegant, ready-to-use Facebook post templates for every purpose.

You can also watch our hands-on video khổng lồ find out more:

How to lớn use Facebook Creator Studio khổng lồ auto-post on Facebook?

If you don’t want lớn use a third-buổi tiệc ngọt tool and automate your posts on your Facebook Page và Facebook Groups, you can also use Facebook Creator Studio.

Firstly, you need khổng lồ select your page or group on the Facebook dashboard.

On the Facebook trang chính page, select your Facebook group or Facebook page.

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After that, you need khổng lồ use “Facebook Planner” which you can find on the left thực đơn.

Cliông chồng on Planner to organize your Facebook post calendar

You can manage your calendar & create your Facebook posts.

Create your Facebook posts

Finally, you can publish your Facebook post right away or schedule it for a future date. You can arrange and automate your Facebook posts for pages & groups natively on Facebook.

You can post or schedule your Facebook content

How to post khổng lồ multiple Facebook Groups at once?

You may have various and logical reasons khổng lồ post lớn multiple Facebook Groups at once. Personal or professional brands have sầu been aware of the potential that Facebook Groups are holding. You can target a specific, segmented audience by posting on multiple Facebook Groups.

You can connect and post lớn your multiple Facebook Groups at once on qplay.vn Publish. This is the fasdemo and safest way lớn manage your multiple Facebook Groups simultaneously. You can giới thiệu to lớn multiple Facebook Groups by following these steps;

Step #1: First, log in to lớn the qplay.vn Publish.

Step #2: Then, you can add your Facebook Groups lớn qplay.vn Publish.

Step #3: Cliông chồng on "Create New Post" on the left menu lớn continue.

Step #4: Cliông xã on the "Select Account" tab to lớn choose one of your multiple Facebook Groups.

Step #5: You can enjoy built-in tools on qplay.vn; Unsplash, Giphy, và Canva, as you can also upload your native graphics.

Step #6: Once your post is ready khổng lồ go, either you can add your post to the queue, schedule it, or post it directly khổng lồ your multiple Facebook Groups at once.BONUS: qplay.vn allows users to lớn connect multiple RSS Feeds lớn multiple Facebook Groups. This way, you can keep your Facebook Groups always fresh & posting even while you are sleeping. You can automate your posts from qplay.vnger lớn Facebook on qplay.vn!

You can also nói qua your posts with multiple Facebook Pages. You can read our detailed guide khổng lồ find out more:

How khổng lồ post to multiple Facebook pages effectively
qplay.vn qplay.vn - Social Media MarketingDidem Ozan

You can also watch our hands-on đoạn Clip khổng lồ find out more:

How can I schedule Facebook posts for free?

The best way to lớn automate Facebook posts for multiple Facebook Groups is to lớn use an automation and scheduling tool. qplay.vn Publish offers a great service khổng lồ schedule your Facebook posts for a future date & time.

After you create và design your Facebook posts, you can post them or set your time and scheduler for a later, planned time.

Also, you can prefer Queue scheduling lớn automate your Facebook Group posts. You can set your time intervals and nội dung your Facebook posts automatically.

You can find amazing articles on qplay.vn Publish. You can phối your interests và curate excellent articles from reputable magazines all over the world và mô tả them with your audience.

RSS Feeds are one of the best methods to lớn schedule & automate Facebook posts for your multiple Facebook Groups & Facebook business pages. You can connect RSS Feeds to lớn your Facebook Groups and Pages và keep your multiple Facebook Groups/Pages always shining và posting even while you are sleeping.

La Fin

Facebook tự động poster tool saves your time and energy while you are batching your content for your multiple Facebook Groups. You can nội dung all your posts with multiple Facebook Groups with a single click.

qplay.vn Publish is a social truyền thông management tool that supports Facebook (pages và groups), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn (profiles và pages), and Google Business Profile. You can post, schedule, & automate your nội dung on qplay.vn effectively.