Following the announcement of sunsetting Transformers: Legends Mobile game, DeNA has also announced the ending of Transformers: Age Of Extinction Smartphone trò chơi.

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Unlượt thích TFL, the company has not made an announcement on the web, but the players who logged onlớn play Transformers: Age Of Extinction today received the message from the game itself.

Closure of AOE was expected since the game was originally conceived to lớn be a part of the Transformers 4 Movie Tie-in Campaign. With future movies on the horizon, Transformers: Age Of Extinction điện thoại trò chơi has served its propose. The game ran for a year with several major updates bringing in characters from past movies as well.

You can kiểm tra out the farewell message, after the jump. DeNA stated:

Important regarding TRANSFORMERS:Age of Extinction

Hey TRANSFORMERS Age of Extinction fans,

It is with heavy hearts that we must announce some bad today.

We will be retiring TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction on September 30th, 2015

We’ve worked very hard to keep TRANSFORMERS:Age of Extinction running for our loyal playerbase as long as we possibly could, but unfortunately there isn’t anything else we can vì chưng khổng lồ keep things going. With that being said, we’ve decided lớn give sầu our players the keys lớn the kingdom during the last few months of TRANSFORMERS:Age of Extinction lifespan.

Starting June 25th:
All CyberCoins purchases will be shut off (you will still be able to spend your remaining balance on resources packages and the Space Bridges)Events will continue until Septmeber 30th, 2015Increased CyberCoins payoutsReduced Character pricing

We know how hard it is lớn watch a game you love sầu sunmix, but if you’re looking for more TRANSFORMERS action, we hope you’ll download TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics where you can build a dream team of AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS, and go head-to-head against players from around the world in strategic PvPhường based combat.”

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June 12th 2015, 4:38 am

I lượt thích where this is going. I lượt thích where this is going, A LOT! Here's hoping that Hasbro is severing all connections with DeNA, và will give sầu the license to lớn someone who knows what the flying fuck they're doing!


June 11th 2015, 11:58 pm

It was fun while it lasted.


June 11th năm ngoái, 11:54 pm

So we wont be able to play it after this?


June 11th năm ngoái, 10:19 pm

I suppose the biggest impact would be for those who actually paid real money khổng lồ play this…

Wonder if there were any crazy people who spent more than a couple of bucks on it – there have sầu been reports of people wasting crazy amounts of money on freemium games.


June 11th 2015, 8:38 pm

Suprisred it lasted as long as it did.


June 11th 2015, 6:34 pm

It was an okay game, in my opinion, but it was a bit better than the console version of Rise of the Dark Spark, in the fact that this game has all of the movie characters. But, honestly, I'm not sad to see it over.


June 11th năm ngoái, 6:28 pm

Yeah this and Legends ending has no affect on my day.


June 11th năm ngoái, 6:24 pm

I mean… the movie is almost 1 year old. A little too long to lớn have sầu a promotional game for a movie that's almost 1 year old, isn't it? Nonetheless, I hope Hasbro tells DeNA khổng lồ GTFO. They deserve sầu it.

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June 11th 2015, 6:21 pm

It seems lượt thích they just copy pasted most of the message from the legends game closure.


June 11th năm ngoái, 6:trăng tròn pm

Could've guessed that'd happen given we're a year removed from the movie it's tied to lớn.

Wonder if we'll suddenly see Battle Tactics get killed now. At first I thought it was just a few old games caving lớn inevitability, but now it seems lượt thích DeNA might be severing ties with Hasbro altogether.

DeNA has its hands full now. Yesterday, I even saw them making an announcement for E3 this year.

With Nintenbởi as a Partner, DeNA has potential revenue many years ahead. It can live sầu without other Licenses (not saying it would happen).

Meanwhile, Hasbro is promoting their own sản phẩm điện thoại trò chơi Studio these days. Backflip Studquả táo even has a Transformers game down the pipeline. Most probably we'll hear about it next weekend.


June 11th 2015, 6:18 pm

Shame I was about to lớn get the game

its nothing real exciting is first few levels i unlocked all characters with out spending money its not like minion run, temple run game its its like batman/flash game video clip i posted below keep going until you reach boss kết thúc of level after that board is over & move lớn next level

transformers game you transfrom into lớn alterante vehicale of specific bot that you play as grimloông xã, prime you get it jump, move left lớn right, transkhung gun và melee weapon thats is lớn it nothing special repetive sầu boring after while.

if you get xạ thủ rifle và upgrade xạ thủ rifle it comes in handy beating bosses và enemies faster far distance stay alive sầu littel better


June 11th năm ngoái, 6:15 pm

Could've guessed that'd happen given we're a year removed from the movie it's tied lớn.

Wonder if we'll suddenly see Battle Tactics get killed now. At first I thought it was just a few old games caving khổng lồ inevitability, but now it seems like DeNA might be severing ties with Hasbro altogether.


June 11th 2015, 6:05 pm

Shame I was about khổng lồ get the game


June 11th năm ngoái, 6:04 pm Post: Transformers: Age Of Extinction thiết bị di động trò chơi Is Also Ending

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