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Our top rated client insight platform provides quick access to company và industry financial trends, và peer comparisons that help your team better underst& your prospect"s needs.

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Implement Insight-Led Selling

Sales Leaders

Get your sales team speaking the language of buyers. Our client insight platform, ClientIQ, will help your team adopt the concept of Insight-Led Selling.


Increase prospect buy-in

Sales REPS

Turn your research inlớn real value for your customers. ClientIQ quickly allows you lớn compare prospects to their peers lớn inkhung better sales strategies.


Equip your sales team


Build better business cases for your propsects. ClientIQ equips your team with insights to lớn communicate credible, compelling, custom tailored solutions.


Understvà your prospects


Do better retìm kiếm on prospects with instant access lớn company and industry financial data that better prepares your team for conversations with customers.






Underst& how each line of business of a company contributes khổng lồ performance and how khổng lồ address division-specific needs.


Want to lớn know what makes an executive sầu tick? See how they are compensated lớn learn what drives their decisions.

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Quicklydiscover the key drivers your client or prospect focuses on to grow profitability and revenue.

Better prepare for your meeting with the decision makers by using ClientIQ business-led discovery questions.

qplay.vn presents performance metrics in a way I haven"t seen before. It"s simple lớn analyze a company historically & against its peers and industry. Great value- a real game changer. - Client Executive sầu, IBM.

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16 Critical Strategies For Enabling “Problem Centric” Selling

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Get in cảm ứng.

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You team needs ClientIQ. Get in touch with us today lớn learn more about how our industry leading client insights platsize can elevate your sales strategies & solutions.

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