Từ điển pháp việt

qplay.vn is a trang chính for thousands of dictionaries. We provide not only dictionary French - Vietnamese, but also dictionaries for every existing pairs of languages - online and for miễn phí.

Translations from dictionary French - Vietnamese, definitions, grammar

In qplay.vn you will find translations from French into lớn Vietnamese comming from various sources. The translations are sorted from the most common khổng lồ the less popular. We make every effort khổng lồ ensure that each expression has definitions or information about the inflection.

In context translations French - Vietnamese, translated sentences

qplay.vn dictionaries are chất lượng. In qplay.vn you can check not only French or Vietnamese translations. We also offer usage examples showing dozens of translated sentences. You can see not only the translation of the phrase you are searching for, but also how it is translated depending on the context.

Translation memory for French - Vietnamese languages

The translated sentences you will find in qplay.vn come from parallel corpora (large databases with translated texts). Translation memory is like having the support of thousands of translators available in a fraction of a second.

Pronunciation, recordings

Often the text alone is not enough. We also need lớn hear what the phrase or sentence sounds lượt thích. In qplay.vn you will find not only translations from the French-Vietnamese dictionary, but also audio recordings và high-chất lượng computer readers.

Picture dictionary

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. In addition lớn text translations, in qplay.vn you will find pictures that present searched terms.

Automatic French - Vietnamese translator

Do you need to lớn translate a longer text? No problem, in qplay.vn you will find a French - Vietnamese translator that will easily translate the article or file you are interested in.


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