How to unlock htc one m8 bootloader with all


We’ve sầu talked of almost everything about the new Smartphone HTC One M8. Already rooted the GSM & Sprint variant of the device (Links below). One factor that came across both the guides & has equal importance or I would say of more importance, is unlocking the device’s bootloader. It is a major aspect because without unlocking you won’t be able lớn root or Install any custom recovery. For now, it could be done using the HTCDev website. While you’re instructed yet there are many users who find it a bit out of place to understand.

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So, we have sầu taken the job khổng lồ our hands lớn guide you throughout the process lớn Unloông chồng Smartphone HTC One M8 Bootloader for all the available variants.

How to Root and Install TWRP. on Điện thoại HTC One M8

How to Root Sprint Điện thoại HTC One M8 & Install TWRPhường on It

How khổng lồ Root AT&T Smartphone HTC One M8 & Install TWRPhường. on It

How lớn Root Verizon Điện thoại HTC One M8 without Unlocking Bootloader


Unlocking your device’s bootloader will erase all the data on your phone. Persize everything on your own risk, any damage shall not be held responsible to or any of its community members.

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Before going any further, make sure to charge your device to at least 60% of battery cấp độ to lớn avoid any shutdowns during the process, which will be harmful.Remove sầu any External SD cardBackup Internal storage completely

How lớn Unlochồng Smartphone HTC One M8 Bootloader

Visit the HTCDev website and login khổng lồ your tài khoản.On the first page of unlocking, scroll down to lớn the very bottom & click on Proceed to lớn Step 5Switch off your Điện thoại HTC One M8.Boot into HBOOT/Bootloader mode by pressing Volume Down và Power keysUse the volume keys khổng lồ highlight fastboot and select it using the power button.Your device will boot inlớn fastboot mode.Connect your M8 lớn the PC while it is fastboot mode.Open a CMD window và type in the following command khổng lồ confirm that the device is connected properly

Your Smartphone HTC One M8 now has its bootloader unlocked và is ready lớn be rooted! You can check the lock state in HBOOT mode. It was easy, I guess. Give us some feedback via comments và stay tuned until we get bachồng with some new stuff for the new Smartphone HTC One M8.

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