Windows 7 home premium upgrade for sale

I was using windows 7 trang chính premium 64 bit OS on my sony viao PC with the below configuration

Processor: Intel core i5


HD: 320GB

I gave sầu the PC for service and a trial version of OS (Home ultimate) is installed on it now. I want to lớn go back khổng lồ my previous licensed version. However, i vày not have sầu an installation CD but have the license label with product key on the PC. I tried downloading the iso from it throws below error


We encountered a problem with your request. Please Support Liên hệ Us pagefor assistance. Refer to Message Code 715-123130 & Transaction ID12ca0af1-ce31-40cb-8239-bd71d0de6093.

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Kindly help me in reinstalling my old OS.

I tried upgrading khổng lồ windows 10 which caused problems in my PC và that"s the reason for PC servicing.



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Replied on July 22, 20đôi mươi

The error message is because will not tư vấn, or supply ISO files, for OEM-licensed systems lượt thích yours.

The best solution is to go back to lớn the shop that serviced your computer & tell them lớn reinstall the proper licensed copy of Windows 7.

If they refuse, you can tải về a ISO file for Windows 7 Home Premium by using the tool described below. You can create an installation DVD from the ISO tệp tin by using ImgBurn ( or an installation USB flash drive sầu (if your VAIO can boot from USB) by using Rufus ( ImgBurn và Rufus are both miễn phí. Once installed, use the sản phẩm key from the COA sticker on your VAIO to lớn activate Windows.

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You can obtain a legitimate Windows 7 ISO file by using the download tool here:

If you are willing to use an ISO file from August 2018 (5.5 GB), you can download that immediately. However, if you want the original version, downloads are quite limited. Notes below from the Heidoc tư vấn forum.

"The download database on the hệ thống will be rephối on the first day of every month. We will then generate one link per hour on a first come first served basis, whatever is requested, until all licenses are used up. The database is then again remix on the first day of the following month, & downloads can be provided again for some time.""The Aug 2018 Win7 downloads are "standalone" edition downloads (only come with Home Premium, Pro & Ultimate as separate editions & not bundled together) that include IE11 & .NET 4.7.2 but are available in US English language only. all post sp1 updates except the big KB3125574 rollup update are included."

For additional details, see:

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