Wondering which Clip player should you use on Linux? Here’s a list of top open source đoạn Clip players available for Linux distributions.

You can watch Hulu, Prime Video and/or Netflix on Linux. You can also download videos from YouTube and watch them later or if you are in a country where you cannot get Netflix and other streaming services, you may have sầu to rely on torrent services lượt thích Popcorn Time in Linux.

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Watching movies/TV series or other đoạn Clip contents on computers is not an ‘ancient tradition’ yet. Usually, you go with the default đoạn Clip player that comes baked in with your Linux distribution (that could be anything).

You won’t have an issue utilizing the default player – however, if you specifically want more open-source đoạn phim player choices (or alternatives lớn the mặc định one), you should keep reading.

Best Linux đoạn Clip players

I have included the installation steps for Ubuntu but that shouldn’t make it the list of Ubuntu video clip players. These open source software should be available in any Linux distribution you are using.

Another note for Ubuntu users. You should have universe repository enabled in order to find and install these đoạn phim players from the software center or by using comm& line. I have mentioned the commands but if you lượt thích, you can also install them from the Software Center.

Key Highlights:

Built-in codecsCustomization optionsCross-platformEvery video clip file format supportedExtensions available for added functionalities

VLC Media Player is unquestionably the most popular open source Clip player. Not just limited to lớn Linux – but it’s a must-have video clip player for every platkhung (including Windows).

It is a quite powerful Clip player capable of handling a variety of tệp tin formats & codecs. You can customize the look of it by using skins and enhance the functionalities with the help of certain extensions. Other features like subtitle synchronization, audio/đoạn Clip filters, etc, exist as well.

How lớn install VLC?

You can easily install VLC in Ubuntu from the Software Center or download it from the official trang web.

If you’re utilizing the terminal, you will have sầu to separately install the components as per your requirements by following the official resource. To install the player, just type in:

suvì apt install vlc

2. MPlayer

Key Highlights:

Wide range of output drivers supportedMajor file formats supportedCross-platformCommand-line based

Yet another impressive open-source video clip player (technically, a đoạn phim player engine). MPlayer may not offer you an intuitive user experience but it supports a wide range of output drivers và subtitle files.

Unlượt thích others, MPlayer does not offer a working GUI (it has one, but it doesn’t work as expected). So, you will have sầu khổng lồ utilize the terminal in order to lớn play a video. Even though this isn’t a popular choice – it works & a couple of video players that I’ll be listing below are inspired (or based) from MPlayer but with a GUI.

How to lớn install MPlayer?

We already have sầu an article on installing MPlayer on Ubuntu và other Linux distros. If you’re interested lớn install this, you should kiểm tra it out.

suvì apt install mplayer mplayer-gui

3. SMPlayer

Key Highlights:

Supports all major đoạn phim formatsBuilt-in codecsCross-platkhung (Windows & Linux)Play ad-không lấy phí YouTube videoOpensubtitles integrationUI Customization availableBased on MPlayer

As mentioned, SMPlayer uses MPlayer as the playbachồng engine. So, it supports a wide range of tệp tin formats. In addition to lớn all the basic features, it also lets you play YouTube videos from within the đoạn phim player (by getting rid of the annoying ads).

If you want to know about SMPlayer a bit more – we have a separate article here: SMPlayer in Linux.

Similar to lớn VLC, it also comes baked in with codecs, so you don’t have sầu to lớn worry about finding codecs and installing them to make it work unless there’s something specific you need.

How to install SMPlayer?

SMPlayer should be available in your Software Center. However, if you want to utilize the terminal, type in this:

suvày apt install smplayer

4. MPV Player

Key Highlights:

Minimadanh sách GUIVideo codecs built inHigh-quality video clip output by Clip scalingCross-platformYouTube Videos supported via CLI

If you are looking for a đoạn Clip player with a streamlined/minimal UI, this is for you. Similar khổng lồ the above-mentioned Clip players, we also have a separate article on MPV Player with installation instructions (if you’re interested khổng lồ know more about it).

Keeping that aside, it offers what you would expect from a standard đoạn Clip player. You can even try it on your Windows/Mac systems.

How lớn install MPV Player?

You will find it listed in the Software Center or Package Manager. In either case, you can download the required package for your distro from the official tải về page.

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If you’re on Ubuntu, you can type in this in the terminal:

suvì apt install mpv

5. Dragon Player

Key Highlights:

Simple UITailored for KDESupports playing CDs & DVDs

This has been specifically tailored for KDE desktop users. It is a dead-simple video clip player with all the basic features needed. You shouldn’t expect anything fancy out of it – but it does tư vấn the major tệp tin formats.

How to install Dragon Player?

You will find it listed in the official repo. In either case, you can type in the following comm& to lớn install it via terminal:

suvì apt install dragonplayer

6. GNOME Videos

Key Highlights:

A simple đoạn Clip player for GNOME DesktopPlugins supportedAbility khổng lồ sort/access separate video clip channels

The mặc định video clip player for distros with GNOME desktop environment (previously known as Totem). It supports all the major tệp tin formats và also lets you take a snap while playing a video. Similar to some of the others, it is a very simple và useful đoạn Clip player. You can try it out if you want.

How to lớn install Totem (GNOME Videos)?

You can just type in “totem” lớn find the đoạn Clip player for GNOME listed in the software center. If not, you can also try utilizing the terminal with the following command:

subởi vì apt install totem

7. Deepin Movie

If you are using Deepin OS, you will find this as your mặc định video player for Deepin Desktop Environment. It features all the basic functionalities that you would normally look in a video player. You can try compiling the source lớn install it if you aren’t using Deepin.

How lớn Install Deepin?

You can find it in the Software Center. If you’d want to compile, the source code is available at GitHub. In either case, type in the following commvà in the terminal:

sudo apt install deepin-movie

8. Celluloid

Key Highlights:

Drag và drop playlist supportSimple yet customizable

I had khổng lồ look at Celluloid when one of our readers suggested adding it. Interestingly, it happens to lớn be a GTK frontkết thúc for MPV. In fact, it was previously known as GNOME MPV.

So, it supports more options lớn highly configure the player to lớn fit your requirements. The UI may not be anything distinguishable but you’ll notice the options.

How to lớn install Celluloid?

You may not find it listed in the software center. So, for any Linux distribution, you should refer to the official installation instructions.

They recommend using Flatpak. Make sure you have Flatpak enabled (refer khổng lồ our guide of using Flatpak for help).

Once done, you just need khổng lồ type in the following commvà in the terminal:

flatpak install flathub io.github.GnomeMpv

9. Parole

Parole Video Player
Key Highlights:

Simple và extensible via PluginsCustomizable

Parole is the mặc định đoạn Clip player in Xfce desktop và offers a good giảm giá khuyến mãi of features. It supports subtitles & you can also choose lớn extend its functionality using the plugins available.

Of course, it’s just another Clip player that works – you may not notice any difference “visually” that strikes out. However, it’s a lightweight application that takes less system resources.

How khổng lồ install Parole?

You need to add an unofficial PPA in order to lớn get the latest version of Parole. You might find it listed in the Software Center but that’s not the updated version.

You can choose khổng lồ download the .DEB tệp tin from the launchpad page. In either case, follow the commands below khổng lồ install it:

suvày apt install parole

10. Xine Multitruyền thông Engine

Key Higlights:

Customization availableSubtitles supportedMajor file formats supportedStreaming playback support

Xine is an interesting portable truyền thông player. You can either choose lớn utilize the GUI or Hotline the xine library from other applications to make use of the features available.

It supports a wide range of tệp tin formats. You can customize the skin of the GUI. It supports all kinds of subtitles (even from the DVDs). In addition to lớn this, you can take a snapshot while playing the Clip, which comes handy.

How khổng lồ install Xine Multimedia?

You probably won’t find this in your Software Center. So, you can try typing this in your terminal to lớn get it installed:

suvị apt install xine-uiIn addition to that, you can also kiểm tra for available binary packages on their official website.

Wrapping Up

We would recommkết thúc you to lớn try out these open source Clip players over anything else. In addition to all these, you can also try Miro Player which is no more being actively maintained but works – so you can give it a try, if nothing else works for you.

However, if you think we missed one of your favorite Linux video player that deserves a mentioned, let us know about it in the comments down below!

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