Yet Another Cleaner is a full-on security utility designed to remove sầu malware from your computer. This includes viruses installed on your local drives khổng lồ website browser plugins. Yet Another Cleaner is a comprehensive one-stop tool for your malware protection needs both at home và office. It comes as freeware for Microsoft Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit operating system without any restrictions.

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Free toolOne-stop tool for both hard drives & web browsersFree up extra hard disk spaceRAM usage monitoringFlexible cleaning optionsPlugin-in organizer

Yet Another Cleaner will bring the user the pleasure of good old days of browsing the internet without having khổng lồ encounter & be bothered by unwanted toolbars, advertisements, landing pages, etc. It will also find and remove all the web browser extensions that were installed on the user’s computer without the user’s permission & knowledge with a simple cleaning program.

This helps khổng lồ remove malware both on local drives as well as on web browsers.

Yet Another Cleaner is not just a virut and malware cleaner. It also effectively cleans up unwanted system files and temporary files created during software installations. This results in freeing up additional disk space for the users’ essential needs. While doing so, it also clears up old cookies that remain in your temporary disk space, which might turn harmful sooner or later.

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In addition to all the above sầu, Yet Another Cleaner is also equipped with a RAM usage monitor that effectively monitors RAM usage at any given instant và display it lớn the user. Upon installation, the program creates a floating ibé that sits on top of all applications & dynamic updates & shows RAM usage for the user.

In addition to serving as a security tool, Yet Another Cleaner also comes packed with a tool that helps the users khổng lồ organize their plugins, enable and disable them easily with one cliông xã.

Yet Another Cleaner comes with a very intuitive User Interface that lets you operate the application at ease with very clear labeling and color contrast.In short, Yet Another Cleaner is your one-stop solution for your computer security and protection.