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Getting a SIM Card in Vietnam

Here we are going khổng lồ compare the best Syên cards you can buy in Vietphái nam as of now. Internet in Vietnam giới is very cheap & you can get miễn phí wifi anywhere in the city, But if you want to remain always connected here we have done some comparison for you.

As of November năm 2016, the Vietnamese government started enforcing registration rules for SIM cards more seriously, which resulted in tens of millions of numbers being deactivated.

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This means that any SIM cards that the airport vendors & corner stores might sell are at risk of being deactivated a few days after you’ve handed over your money.The only people who can legally register a SIM thẻ to lớn your name are theofficial company stores operated by Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone, và so on.

SIM Card Providers in Vietnam

There are three main SIM card providers in Vietphái nam, which are Viettel, Vinaphone and Mobifone.There’s also a fourth provider called Vietnathiết bị di động, but I personally wouldn’t recommover them at this point in time as their coverage isn’t quite up lớn scratch outside of major cities.

Here’s a quick summary:

Best coverageGreat coverageGood coverage
Fast speedsFast speedsFast speeds
Very cheapVery cheapVery cheap
Roaming in Laos/CambodiaNo không tính phí roamingNo không lấy phí roaming

The short version summary is that Viettel and Vinaphone are about the same in terms of coverage và speeds, but Viettel takes the edge in terms of rural areas. These two providers are what I’d suggest you stick with.

Mobifone has patchy coverage in rural areas, and Vietnamobile’s mobile mạng internet is unusable if you leave sầu major đô thị centres.

How Much Are SIM Cards in Vietnam?

Since Vietnam’s networks are typically owned and operated by the government, there’s very little price competition between the three major carriers. Since this is the case, I’d suggest going with Viettel as they have the best coverage and speeds. Vietnathiết bị di động is cheaper option, but I wouldn’t recommend it as you’re seriously sacrificing quality – & SIM cards in Vietnam are very cheap lớn begin with.

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So how cheap is cheap?

Expect lớn pay around100,000₫ / 5$ for a SIM card with no credit.

How lớn Top Up on Phone Credit

To get more data credit (or to get phone calls as well), simply head into a company store. Some kiosks và corner stores might be able lớn help you out as well, but I prefer going to lớn an official store to lớn get directly from the company.

If you buy a top-up off the street, they’ll give you a receipt with instructions on how khổng lồ recharge your SIM thẻ – in Vietnamese, of course. But if you ask, most people should be more than happy to vì it for you.

Best Smartphone Plan for Vietnam giới (VinaPhone):

Vinaphone have sầu the best điện thoại 4G plan for now with 89K VND/ Month you can get 4GB/Day for a month including 20K VND credit for calling. So whenever you are going for buying a Vinaphone sim card tell them you want VD89P Plan.

Please note when registering VD89 or VD89P packages

Syntax of Registration:DATAto1544 (không tính phí message) => Example of VD89 package you write: DATA VD89to1544Syntax for checking data preferences of packages:Tracuu send900(free).Syntax khổng lồ cancel the package:HUY Y skết thúc 900.

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=> Example of cancelling package VD89 you write: HUY VD89 Y sover 900When you receive the message: “If you donot have sầu an active sầu trương mục becauseyou are active sầu,” you need to kiểm tra which package you registered?How long does it last?Then Cancel the expired package và register for the VD89 package!

Packages VD89 and VD89P are the most attractive packages of VinaPhone, compared lớn Viettel and Mobi networks, this is also the most preferential package at present, both DATA is terrible & has free attractive calls.


Buy Vitenam SIM Cards Online

If you want to lớn buy Vitenam giới SIM Card online you can visit the following trang web. Note that this trang web is in Vietnamese.

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